The Top 3 Things To Do When Visiting Costa Rica

If you’re looking to visit an exquisite tropical destination with breathtaking beaches and diverse wildlife, then Costa Rica should be top on your list. The Nicoya Peninsula, for instance, is a beautiful Costa Rican shoreline that stretches for 80 miles. Get the chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries as you mingle with the exotic fishing and cattle-rearing communities that live there.

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Island life - Costa Rica

If you desire to experience some exhilarating adventure, the Arenal Volcano is an excellent place to go sightseeing. This active volcano can still be seen spewing hot fumes from time to time. In addition, there are numerous bird species in Costa Rica. Check out and have a look at what to expect when you pay a visit there.

Here are the top 3 things you should do when visiting Costa Rica:

  1. Go bird watching

There are 900+ species of birds dwelling in Costa Rica. Birders and nature enthusiasts will definitely love this birdie haven. You don’t even require to travel too far from your hotel to enjoy a thrilling birding tour. In Costa Rica, bird watching is one of the most popular activities. So grab your dorky binoculars and make a date with your feathered friends. There’s an array of birding hotspots that throng the country, including 12 unique ecosystems. One great location you can go birding is the Carara, Tarcoles River and Cerros de Turrubares. It is situated between the high pre-montane forest and the humid tropical forest of Costa Rica. Some of the rare bird species found here include the Golden-naped Woodpecker, the Pygmy Kingfisher and the Southern Lapwing.

You could also head out to the Sarapiqui River Rainforests that hosts around 500 bird species, including the Great Green Macaw and the Snowy Cotinga. But if you want to view the Bronzed Cowbird, the Great-tailed Grackle or the Ferruginous Pygmy-owl, visit the Aviarios del Caribe.

  1. Visit the Guanacaste

If you have a proclivity for secluded, sun-bathed beaches, the Guanacaste is the ideal place for you. It is a unique destination that’s normally referred to as the “Gold Coast”. The area is surrounded by dry, sunny savannas. This is a far cry from the cloud-covered rainforests that dominate most parts of Costa Rica. There are exquisite sceneries in Guanacaste: gorgeous volcanoes to the east and remote fishing villages along the coast. The Santa Rosa and Rincon de la Vieja National Parks are also situated close by.

  1. Visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

This forest is a must-see among all Costa Rican travelers. It boasts of a rich wildlife diversity and amazing canopies. There are more than 400 bird species, 100 mammals and 2,500 species of flora. Monteverde reserve covers an area of 25,700 acres and is frequently flooded with tourists all year round. You will get to walk along the Sky Walk (the name given to some beautiful hanging bridges) and enjoy ziplining tours within the tranquil environment filled with striking flora and fauna. You might even view a hummingbird feasting on an aguacatillo.




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