Top 30 Unique & Unusual Hotels In The World

unique and unusual hotels

People use art to display creativity in different forms, in this case in hotels. Of course, you can have your normal vacation at a beautiful luxury hotel, but you can also do it, in a creative way. Creativity is an art and these hotels are exactly that. I think that some of these hotels are great for celebrating special occasion. If you’re looking for a truly memorable experience, these unique and unusual hotels will give you all that you’re looking for. So dream away ladies and gentleman, because these hotels will blow your mind!

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Check out Top 30 Unique & Unusual Hotels In The World

Hotel Costa Verde 727 Fuselage (Costa Rica)

Hotel Costa Verde 727 Fuselage (Costa Rica) Unique & Unusual Hotels

Attrap Reves (France)

Attrap Reves (France)

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

inntelHotel Zaandam, Amsterdam. Unusual Hotels

Capsule Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

capsule hotel japan, weird hotels

The Arte Luise Kunsthotel (Berlin, Germany)

vampire hotel room coffins, crazy hotel

The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Tanzania)

The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Tanzania) underwater hotel

Hotel Au Vieux Panier (France)

Hotel Au Vieux Panier, France. creative amazing hotel

The Mirrorcube Tree Hotel (Harads, Sweden)

The Mirrorcube Tree Hotel (Harads, Sweden)

Air Hotel (Belgium)

Air Hotel Belgium ,tree hotel

Casa Caracol (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

Casa Caracol (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

Jumbohostel (Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden)

Jumbohostel (Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden) airplane hotel

Underwater Hotel Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Underwater Hotel Dubai

Das Park Hotel (Osterreich, Austria)

Das Park Hotel (Osterreich, Austria)

Cappadocia Cave Suites (Cappadocia, Turkey)

Cappadocia cave hotel turkey, cool hotel

Hotel Kakslauttanen (Finland)

Hotel Kakslauttanen (Finland) ice hotel

Lion Sands Game Reserve (South Africa)

best place safari Lion Sands Game Reserve (South Africa)

BaseCamp Bonn (Bonn, Germany)

BaseCamp Bonn (Bonn, Germany) cool hotels

The Ice Hotel (JukkasjärviSweden) 

ICE HOTEL, konstkatalog

The Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

The Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

Hotel Marques de Riscal (Elciego, Spain)

Hotel Marques de Riscal (Elciego, Spain)

Cocoa Island Hotel (Maldives)

Cocoa Island Hotel (Maldives) amazing hotel

Whitepod Hotel (Switzerland)

Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Magic Mountain Lodge (Lyngen, Chile)

Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

Sala Silvermine (Sweden) 

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel (Bali, Indonesia) 

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, Bali

Jade Screen Hotel (China) 

Jade Screen Hotel, China

Yellow Submarine Hotel (Liverpool, England)


25 Hours Hotel (Germany)

25 Hours Hotel, Germany

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

V8 Hotel (Stuttgart, Germany)

V8 Hotel cool car bed



25 Responses to Top 30 Unique & Unusual Hotels In The World

  1. Oh DEAR! So many fabulous hotels, so little time.

    I think I like the ones that would be interesting to sleep inside, rather than admire from the outside, so I am plumping for the ice hotel. the silver mine and the forest bubble thing for my top three.

    The hanging garden pools are pretty cool too though. Decisions, decisions.

    • haha, ya I agree with you. I’m been dying to stay at the Ice Hotel for a few years now! But recently was told by a friend that it’s not as great as it looks. He said he couldn’t fall asleep all night because he was freezing. I still wanna do it though.
      There is one with mirror walls in the forest! That one is my favorite!

  2. Some of these are plain weird (why would I want to sleep in a coffin?), but some are super cool and I would love to book a night there, especially at the ones in Finland and Switzerland.

    • hahaha the coffin one is pretty creepy to be honest, I would never do it but I can think of a few people that would think it’s cool. Yes! All the ice hotel stuff looks amazing, although I know a close friend that stayed there and said he couldn’t sleep all night.

  3. Wow!!! I want to stay at all of these awesome hotels! Ah, wish I was rich. We are actually in Ubud (Bali) right now, and that Hanging Gardens Hotel looks amazing! Hmm, maybe we can go there for lunch and a dip in the pool without getting completely broke? 🙂

    We have several ice hotels in Norway too, one close to where we live. Have been there for drinks in the hotel bar and looked around in the rooms, but brrrr, it is just too cold for me to sleep there. 🙂

    • WOW you totally should try!
      Yea, I know Norway has them too. I’ve also had drinks at an Ice bar, but sleeping there is a totally different experience.

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