My Top 5 Favorite Destinations

There are places in this world that completely steal your heart away, get you so inspired and emotionally connected. They’re those places that totally light up your face with the biggest smile while visiting them. I have had my heart stolen by many cities that I would have easily moved to, which is why I can never stay in just one spot. They are those places, that changed my life and drive me to keep exploring this amazing world.

So when Carmen from Carmen’s Travel Tips nominated me to write about My Top 5 Favorite Destinations that I’d most like to revisit, in conjunction with Booked.netTop Destinations to Go Their challenge, I already knew what cities would be on that list, without thinking twice. I have seen so many beautiful places and visited amazing cities, but these 5 destinations are completely engraved in my heart forever.

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Sorentto, Italy

Just the name of this city alone, defines what Sorentto is, serenity. One of the most beautiful little cities in Italy, only a few miles away from Pompeii captures an amazing view from up in the mountains overlooking the sea. This city makes you feel relaxed and at peace from the moment you arrived, there is just something so magical about this place. The town center is minimized on cars, so many people are walking the streets or riding motorcycles. Sorentto has great outdoor cafés and gift shops, I even got to learn how to make real Italian Pizza in one of the restaurants out there. One of the great features of Sorentto, is its daily trips to the incredible island of Capri, which is also a favorite of mine. There is so much for me to say about Sorentto, I could have easily spent 2 weeks in this beautiful part of Italy. I still dream of going back there one day.


Mykonos, Greece

From the moment I stepped foot in Mykonos, I instantly fell in love! It was my ideal perfection of what a Mediterranean island would look like. I was taken away from its beautiful all white houses with blue doors and windows, the cute cafés lined up on the ocean coastline were incredible. Exploring the amazing streets of Mykonos and getting lost in the alleyways and small streets full of little shops and cafés was my favorite. I felt like I’ve arrived into an all white and blue dream and never wanted it to end. Minutes before the sunset, I enjoyed a glass of white wine and amazing Greek Salad, overlooking a sailboat in the sea. It was an amazing moment that will live with me forever. (For more of my Mykonos adventure check out: Mykonos! My Favorite Location In Greece!)


Venice, Italy

Oh VENICE! There is no place in the world like it! I took over 500 photos in just 1 day of being there because everywhere you looked, looked like a postcard with all the right colors and settings. The locals of Venice, the Venetian consider Venice a country of its own and I can totally see why, there is so much to see and do there. I loved exploring the streets and checking out all those amazing masquerade stores, watching the local artists creating some of the most beautiful masks in the world. But hands down my favorite experience in Venice was the traditional gondola ride, that takes you through the city of Venice on water. Amazingly enough, there are no cars in Venice, which makes you explore and see so much more than you would in a traditional city. (For more of my Venice adventure check out: Venice, Italy)


Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m not sure if being half Argentinean has something to do with it, but Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities in the world! A few years back, I spent a month and a half in Buenos Aires and fell in love with everything this great city has to offer! Buenos Aires has beautiful historical sights, delicious food, warm hearted people, great street art for sale and of course their amazing Tango. I love the Argentinean culture, I once even considered moving there for a half a year and can’t wait to go back for a visit!

Buenos-Aires La_Boca_2

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is one of the best cities out there! I was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles when I was 9 years old and since then I make yearly trips to Israel and mostly for the amazing city of Tel Aviv. Almost every summer I come out to Tel Aviv for a 2 month vacation and no matter how long my trips last, it’s never enough because there is so much to do and see in Tel Aviv! In the recent years Tel Aviv has become one of the top up and coming metropolitan destination for people all around the world. During the summer, the beautiful turquoise color beaches are completely packed, with 24hr restaurants with them. Tel Aviv is filled with talented artist, has great shopping areas like the Azrieli Tower and Dizanguff Center shopping mall and street. There are farmers markets, hip boutiques, amazing festivals and events all over the city and probably has the best nightlife I have ever experienced. Tel Aviv is definitely my home away from home. (For more of my Israel & Tel Aviv, check out: 22 Reasons Why I love Israel )


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