My Trip Has Began!


Hey you guys!

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I am currently writing to you from my layover in Frankfurt, Germany. The last 2 weeks have been complete chaos in my world! I have been so busy running around trying to finish my to do list of things I need to do before my trip. Meanwhile meeting up with my good friends to say my goodbyes and have been spending the other half of the day working, every single day, to cash in on extra money for my trip.

Sometimes you don’t really realize how much things you really have to do before…

going on a long trip. All the little things add up and become pretty stressful but luckily for me, I work best under pressure, love being busy and running around. Although this time around, I think I over did myself and I’m completely exhausted and can’t wait for the moment I get a chance to relax a little.

I wasn’t able to bring my puppy (Peanut) with me on my trip, although I went through hell and back trying to. Bring a pet overseas isn’t simple at all! I will soon be writing a post on all the things you should know before hand, so that you’re not stuck last minute trying to figure it all out and throwing away over $400, you could use, like I did.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a surprise for my mom’s 50th Birthday for quite some time now. Her dream was to spent her 50th Birthday in Vegas, as if she hasn’t spend enough time there in her lifetime. So instead of taking her to a place she has been to probably over 50 (not kidding), I decided to surprise her and take her to a place she has never been to before, a new country! For months I was trying to fit it into my summer schedule and into hers, figuring out the locations and the finance of it all. Happily enough I had worked hard to be able to afford a dream vacation with her, that she very much deserves. After many back and forth of picking between Greece and Prague. I have decided to take her to Santorini, Greece. For a week, just the 2 of us!!! and I am so incredibly excited!!! She hasn’t had the easiest last few years and I want to create some inspiration within her and get her right back on track. I think that sometimes we get so caught up in our own bubble that we are unaware of what we have become. For this reason and more, I think traveling is very important! Because sometimes, you just need to step out of your bubble and get your soul’s battery charged with some positive energy.

So it looks like I’ll be spending 2 weeks in Greece & Turkey.

I am very excited for this summer and know it will be amazing! For now I will be enjoying my Germany cheese pretzel and cappuccino before my flight boards. See you on the other side! xoxo

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