USA: Must Visit Destinations in All 50 States of the US

Grand Canyon - Your Ultimate Guide to all 50 States in the USA America

Calling our beautiful America a melting-pot, or maybe a hotbed of incredible sights and sounds, both natural and human-made, could be an understatement. That’s because there’s no other better term to describe what our 50 states have in store for everyone. From marveling at NYC’s skyscrapers, hitch-hiking the Grand Canyon or even skiing in Alaskan parks, indeed America has it all.

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If you’re planning on visiting every state in America, here is a quick sample of the best attractions in every state!

Your ultimate guide to the USA!

  • Alabama – we’ve got the 65-acre Bellingrath Gardens full of scented and brightly colored blooms and edible crops. We also have the US Space and Rocket center if you would love to get off the beaten track and marvel at scientific inventions and the largest assembly of space hardware in the planet.
  • Alaska – get to visit the famous 6-million-acre Denali National Park for sightings of grizzly bears as well as spending a day or two at the wilderness lodges. Alternatively, visit the Creek Street for a little of the state’s hidden gemstones.
  • Arizona – the majestic Grand Canyon awaits and it presents a perfect chance to test your hiking skills, spend a day in the wilderness or just awe at the planet’s natural wonder facing a bleak future. Take a few pictures at the Antelope Canyon too.
  • Arkansas – whether you visit the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel on the cool hilltop, overlooking Bella Vista’s lake Norwood or the Hot Springs of the state, you’ll have spent your trip well. There are many secrets hidden at American’s smallest national park, and it’s upon you to uncover them.
  • California – travel to Alcatraz (in San Fransico) and see how prisoners used to cope. Don’t leave the state without visiting the fascinating Yosemite National Park and marvel at the tall redwood varieties. For course, don’t forget to visit Los Angeles and Palm Springs.
  • Colorado –  the best attraction in Colorado is the Red Rock Amphitheater where the best acoustics are served free of charge. However, it is until you visit the beautiful Mesa Verde National Park and travel back in time that you’ll have actually explored the state.
  • Connecticut – the coolest thing about the state is…well, Louis’ Lunch – the birthplace of all hamburgers. However, once you’ve grabbed a bite, head directly to the Mystic; a small, seaside village for a bit of the state’s history, food and galleries.
  • Delaware – there is a lot to visit and see here, including Hagley Museum and Library, the ancient gunpowder works site. However, you should visit the state’s most popular brewery – Dogfish Head Brewery for a taste of its famous booze.
  • Florida – of course, the Disney World is unmissable. However, stroll with your loved ones to Naples Pier for panoramic sights of the ocean. Clearly, you can’t visit Flordia without visiting South Beach.
  • Georgia – it’s a crime to visit this state and avoid the giant-sized Georgia Aquarium. You can scuba dive with whale, sharks and manta rays and play with penguins. Once your trip around the Atlanta Aqua land is over, travel to the Wormsloe Plantation for a bit of history.
  • Hawaii – the magical islands of Hawaii welcomes endless fun and thrill. From the Gaping Sea Caves in Na Pali Coast to dramatic black beaches south of Kau coast, the state has a lot for us all.
  • Idaho – visit the controversial Crater of the Moon National Monument, a 400-square-mile preserve filled with basaltic lava fields and understand why the hullabaloos surrounding the area are yet to end.
  • Illinois – of course, it is the state where the oldest of all seven Bahai temples around the world is located. It’s not the most popular of all attractions in the state, but being an iconic structure, the temple’s massive domes and well-manicured garden indeed deserve a visit.
  • Indianapolis – home to perhaps the most stunning beaches, a 15-mile, 5,000-acre shore and a state known for the famous Indy 500, Indianapolis should be another must-visit.
  • Iowa – while in Iowa, visit the charming and historical Amana Colonies whose clapboard homes and blooming gardens mesmerize. Visit the farmhouse and baseball field in Dyersville, a place known for the ’80s baseball classic movies.
  • Kansas – besides the state’s Baker Wetlands known for many wildlife varieties, head to the Dodge City where the familiar phrase “Get the heck outta Dodge” emanated from.
  • Kentucky – whereas everyone would expect you to visit the world’s longest known cave system; Mammoth Cave National Park, I’d expect you to end your visit with a short stay at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
  • Louisiana – One of the most popular cities in all of America is New Orleans, make sure to visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras festival.
  • Maine- aside from exploring the stunning Acadia National Park, who else goes to Maine and fails to visit the iconic and over 200-year old Pemaquid Point Lighthouse?
  • Maryland – make sure that you tour the nifty retro baseball stadium, the US Naval Academy, and Baltimore’s George Peabody Library before ending the adventure at the extraordinary Annapolis. Also, check out downtown Baltimore National Aquarium, it’s truly stunning.
  • Massachusetts – there’ll be no other chance to immerse yourself in US history than the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail and exploring the old Boston Tea Party Museum. Of course, you will see the America’s oldest warship; the three-masted, wood-hulled ship.
  • Michigan – welcome to Michigan where there’s a fascinating, private owned rock formation off Port Austin’s coast. However, away from the majestic Turnip Rock, you should be able to tour the Mackinac Island – an island with no cars and transportation is only possible via the horse-drawn carriages.
  • Minnesota – once here, make your way to the famous Minnehaha Falls, a 53-foot waterfall before/after touring the iconic 18ft and 2.5-ton statue of Paul Bunyon. Again, ask the locals why it’s referred to as a land of 10,000 lakes.
  • Mississippi – aside from marveling at the haunted Windsor Ruins, make sure that you travel up to the 1,325 historical monuments and the restored USS Cairo. As always, there are a lot of historical lessons to gather in this state.
  • Missouri – we’ve got the fantastic Getaway Arch as well as the equally stunning Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. You can take a tram to the top, survey the panoramic view of the state and finish your trip by visiting the old courthouse.
  • Montana – Lake McDonald makes this state among the most visited adventure locations in the US. However, you shouldn’t escape the state without visiting the Glacier National Park.
  • Nebraska – it’s bizarre to understand why the marvelous Holy Family Shrine has been left desolate, yet it’s a remarkably designed structure. But as you set out to discern why it seats alone and desolate, make an effort and visit the legendary Chimney Rock that’s projected to be between 23 and 34 million years old.
  • Nevada – amongst the brave individuals, even the infamous Las Vegas Strip is nothing compared to the Fly Geyser. There is some good news, though as the formation can be seen by the public with ease now.
  • New Hampshire – Much like you would be free to visit and see the rustic, over a century old, 292-feet Blair Covered Bridge, don’t even attempt to visit Mt. Washington. It may look welcoming from afar, but it’s notoriously volatile weather and its apex’s 231mph record for the fastest wind gust ever is a testament to how unforgiving it can be.
  • New Jersey – visit the Island Beach State Park, the 10-mile swimming, surfing, and fishing locality. Again, ensure you tour the Atlantic City Boardwalk.
  • New Mexico – if you’re a scuba diving enthusiast, New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns will undoubtedly leave lifelong memories inside your head. The 250 million-year-old presents a perfect opportunity to sample its 119 known caves’ living coral reefs as well as its enormous list of marine life. Or, head the opposite way to Tularosa Basin so that you see the mythical and fantastic rolling white dunes.
  • New York – nothing surprising here, but make sure you get acquainted with the usual NYC style of living!
  • North Carolina – after hiking the mountains outside of Asheville, you’ll relax and marvel at the country’s 250-room, 100% self-sustaining mansion.
  • North Dakota – we have got the huge and extensive Theodore Roosevelt National Park for your hiking and adventure.
  • Ohio – if it’s not the timeless beauty of Union Terminal in Cincinnati, then it should be the Cedar Point where the world-record 16 coasters and 72 rides in total are located. It’s the reason why this state is known as the “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World.”
  • Oklahoma – welcome to the National Cowboy Museum that has over 2,000 works of art and photographs, including ancient photos.
  • Oregon – is there a single visitor who’s not interested in visiting the deepest and perhaps most pristinely kept lake in the US? Crater Lake is a six-mile-wide and 1,148ft deep water body nestled in-between lush vegetation on one side and the mountain ranges on the other.
  • Pennsylvania – after having an eventful day learning about the historic Civil War battlefield and visiting the Soldiers National Cemetery at the Gettysburg National Military Park, relax and marvel at the city’s most remarkable nightlife views at the Boathouse Rock along Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River.
  • Rhode Island – there’s a 3.5-mile cliff walk that merges with the state’s natural architectural wonder. The Walk is filled with historical fables, coastal wildlife and elaborate mansions for visitors.
  • South Carolina – welcome to Historic Charleston where you can sample the historical and well-preserved Downtown. However, don’t count your adventure over until you visit the massive and well-preserved Angel Oak.
  • South Dakota – perhaps you’ve read about the Mount Rushmore and the four “grandfathers.” However, we’re giving you a chance to visit and take photos of the four, 60ft carvings for free!
  • Tennessee – let’s abandon the beaten path and visit an adventurous wonder that’s loosely the Alpha and the Omega of all Castles in the US. If you’re Elvis Presley’s fanatic then, your visit to Graceland would mean more than just a trip!
  • Texas – the state is so big, it has everything attractive that you can think of. However, we choose Big Bend National Park for you because this 800,000-plus acres landmass has been certified as the best place to stargaze, thanks to its darkest skies!
  • Utah – another hikers’ paradise! The 9.2-mile trail in the Neon Canyon offers a priceless experience! And then there’s the famous Zion National Park that has the half-mile-deep Zion Canyon, all for you, hiker.
  • Vermont – who else is a foodie and loves free food tours and trips? Well, visit Ben and Jerry’s Factory and enjoy different flavors of ice creams as you marvel at how these foods are made.
  • Virginia – at the Colonial Williamsburg, you’ll travel back in time, meet people in 18th-century garb and get to feel how America at the time of Revolution was. It’s all fun if you’re a vacationer too!
  • Washington – for those who love nature, there’s the famed Alpine hiking trail filled with beautiful wildflowers, and then there’s the stunning Tipsoo Lake alongside other incredible attractions. And for those who love the Starbucks, there’s the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market in Seattle.
  • West Virginia – even when the Greenbrier in the mountainous West Virginia region hosts many holidaymakers, the best period to tour the state is during the annual event commemorating the opening of the New River Gorge Bridge. Thousands turn up and indeed the fun and excitement that follow befit the extravaganza’s widespread fame.
  • Wisconsin – I’m sure every sightseeing lover in the US yearns for a day when he/she will enter the fanatical ice caves. In the state’s Apostle Islands, the annual wonders, particularly during the cold months aren’t just impressive, but equally rare and spectacular.
  • Wyoming – it’s here that we have the famous Yellowstone National Park, a whopping 2.2 million acres of wilderness with its own Grand Canyon and other mesmerizing features. But then again, I’m pretty sure every vacationer heading to the park prefers to witness colorful vapor rising from the Grand Prismatic Spring. It isn’t just the largest natural hot spring in the US; its sheer beauty is unrivaled.


The Ultimate Guide to all 50 States in the USA America



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