How I Use BrainGear to Power Through My Busy & Stressful Week As A Travel Blogger

Wearing Stronger

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It’s almost been 4 years since I started my travel blog, Vanilla Sky Dreaming and since becoming a full-time travel blogger, my life has been a non-stop roller coaster of stress. Chaos is a light way to put it and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in previous articles that I never knew what I was really getting myself into when I first started BUT I love my job and life.

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Anyone that knows me personally will tell you that my life is crazy and stressful. They’ll also tell you that I never sleep and when I do, on most nights, my bedtime is between 5am-8am. I’m always busy, always working, always researching, planning, creating, editing, reading and writing, even when I don’t actually travel. In fact, although being on the road might seem stressful, it’s actually more stressful when I’m at home.

Running your own business is never easy. There is always an endless amount of things to do in a day. However, it’s always incredibly rewarding to be a boss lady.

I love my job. My career. Deciding to be a travel blogger was probably one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. It has taught me so much about myself and there is nothing like having the freedom to do what you want when you want it.

My focus of 2017 & Goals for 2018

This year I focused more on making money and turning my blog into a full-time career than I did travel and I’m ok with that. I’ve also learned how to take care of my health better, which is something I always struggle with because I’m always stressed, vegan and allergic to 100 different things.

In previous years, my life goal was to travel as much as possible and I was kinda hoping the money would magically come to me, lol but it didn’t. This year I changed some things around and in 2018 I plan on finding that perfect balance of “enough” traveling (if that exists) and enough time to make money so that I can keep doing what I love. I also want to focus more on my health and I always love discovering new ways of bettering my body, mind and soul. So when BrainGear asked me to collaborate with them, I was so excited to work with an awesome product I find so interesting and believe in but more on that soon…

When I’m Most Busy

Normally my craziest time of the month is at the beginning or end of the month, which I guess go hand in hand. I probably have one random week in the middle of the month where things are the most chill and I try to regain my energy during that week.

However, ideally, my MOST busiest time would be 2 weeks before my trips, where I’m trying to juggle the whole world with an endless amount of things to prep for so that when I travel, I’m not as stressed. andddd, I guess you can say when I have a bunch of campaigns and deadline that are all do around the same time.

So basically 80% of the time, I’m stressed out.

So what does a day in my travel blogging life look like when I don’t travel?

Every day and every week my wake up time changes, according to what time I went to sleep the night before. Most recently, I wake up between 8am-11am and there is a reason for that. I’ve noticed that my Instagram gets the highest engagement when I post photos between 8am-10am, so I try to do that first thing in the morning. I open my eyes to my phone that is somewhere located under one of my 4 pillows and normally charging on a portable battery bank.

I wake up, check all my messages on Whatsapp, text, emails, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook notifications.

With my eyes half closed normally, I post an Instagram photo that I picked the day or week before and post It. I make sure to be fully engaged in the comments coming in the first hour and then the following hours. Meanwhile, I make myself some coffee, eat a banana and kiss my dog, Peanut 200 times.

Then it’s time to take Peanut for a walk around the block. I never finish my coffee before walking him, it’s more a sip until I get back because he gets too excited for his morning walk.

Then it’s time to reply back to emails and everyone that send me messages and comments, meanwhile finishing my coffee and a cold water bottle.

Then I head over to the gym, which is a new thing I’ve developed. I try to work out about 2-3 times a week.

After coming home from the gym, I normally make some food and take a shower and then it’s work time.

My job consists of way too many things, but to name a few; I edit photos, edit videos, find music for videos, film vlogs, write blog posts, work on current campaigns with brands, research new destinations, SEO, create banners for YouTube and Pinterest, reply back to comments and more.

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Things That Help My Life Be Less Stressful

After seeing my life health completely deteriorate this year and in the less few years, due to sleepless nights, eating things I’m allergic to, not eating enough or eating only carbs because I can’t find anything else to eat and being a last minute gal, I knew things had to change.

In a generalized world, I’d have to say that in a big sense, I’m more healthy than most people. I don’t smoke, I never drink soda, I love water, I eat organic as much as possible, I’m not a fan of desserts and I’m basically vegan with a few exception for my craving for cheese. However, I’ve always had a low immune system (since becoming a vegetarian at the age of 8) and a sensitive body but I’ve always been a girl who cares about mind, body and soul.

Working out with Stronger Label & BrainGear

So here is how I’ve learned to make my life less stressful…

For starters, I’m eating healthier, by a lot. What I once thought was “healthy”, wasn’t actually as healthy as I thought. Earlier this month, I met with a nutritionist who gave me some helpful healthy eating tips and it’s been working magic on me. I’ve lost 11lbs since visiting Iceland in November and I’m freakin excited about that!

I’ve also started going to the gym, doing it differently than in past years. Going at my own paste and learning what is too much for my body and what actually works for me.

I’ve also started making sure that I get a decent amount of sleep. Sleep is key to a healthier lifestyle.

Even more exciting is discovering BrainGear!

BrainGear is a brain performance formula with 1,845mg of ingredients to feed your brain and gives it exactly what it needs to help you have clarity and focus. If you start using it daily aka long-term it will help support your memory, give you a restful sleep and help with mood stability. How amazing is that? I’ve always been a person who’s fascinated by how the brain works and have always loved doing brain games to exercises my memory and concentration.

I started adding it to my morning routine and it’s sooo cool! I make a smoothie with it. I use raspberries, blueberries, banana, and vanilla flavor soy milk.

If you’ve ever had problems like me — “officially” waking up in the mornings, this is a great solution for staying focused and feeding your brain what it craves.


A few fun fact about BrainGear

  • You should drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • The flavor is Pineapple Mango.
  • You can drink it straight up from the bottle, fix it with water or add it to a morning smoothie.
  • BrainGear is the only patented brain performance formula backed by top neurologists from Stanford University and UT Austin.
  • BrainGear has 13 ingredients that have been recommended by doctors for years and has been clinically proven to improve brain performance.
  • Just to clarify, BrainGear isn’t caffeine base drink.
  • BrainGear helps you:
    • Remember things you normally forget
    • Find your words when your brain is going blank on you.
    • It makes you feel calm and helps you focus and stay in the zone
    • It helps you experience clarity
  • BrainGear is completely safe to use on a daily basis and is approved by the Dietary Supplement and Education Act and regulated by the FDA.
  • To get the best results, use product for 4-6 days. When used often, BrainGear helps the brain function and perform better over time and helps with a restful sleep, helps with memory support and mood stability on our off days.

I honestly think that anyone can benefit from BrainGear no matter what your job or lifestyle is like. In a world that’s so driven by stress and multi-tasking, BrainGear is a great way to help balance out the stress. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, I’d love to hear from you guys, have you have tried BrainGear? What do you do to make your life less stressful? Let me know in the comments below!

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