The Best of Venice, Italy – Photos

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Venice is by far one of my favorite cities I have ever been to my whole life! It’s simply *magical*! Just in 1 day I had taken 500 photos! So narrowing down my favorite photos to post was pretty hard. Every single thing you look at seems like an unreal postcard. The colors faded so perfectly, the windows, the laundry really being hung up to dry, the tunnel rivers narrowed down to perfection, the music playing everywhere you go and my favorite, the incredibly artistic masks in all the colors of the rainbow, some even tell a story through the art. There is such a relaxing vibe in the air, whether its crowded or not. I just loved getting lost in the streets of Venice. I was very inspired here and wished I could have stayed here longer.

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Venice, one day you and I shall meet again. This city is pure perfection.

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    • Hey, I’m sorry, I only saw this now. Honestly anywhere you stay in Venice would be good because its a pretty small city and you can get anywhere by foot. It’s not like your normal huge cities where there is only 1 main area. Anywhere you are in Venice is a great location. 😉 hope that helps. let me know if you have anymore questions…

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