Verona, Italy!

Verona, Italy is best known for the famous story of Romeo & Juliet and still remains one of the world’s most romantic cities, right next to Paris. I got to spend an amazing day in this beautiful city and to my surprised I really loved it, it reminds me very much of Rome. I explored the streets of the city, that are filled with great restaurants with amazing view, I had dinner at the town center, over looking the Colosseum. The Colosseum till this day is active and mainly during the summer, has many concerts and shows. I also had the chance of checking out the famous “Juliet Balcony” and actually got up on the balcony and got my photo taken. Right under the balcony, there is also Juliet’s statue, legends has it that if you touch her right breast you will find true love lol, so I did 😉 kind of a weird thing to do but anything for the name of love. There are also great shopping areas there and I would definitely recommend it, if your going to Italy and want to spend the afternoon in a relaxing atmosphere. I was so busy trying to see everything that I lost track of time and almost missed my tour bus!


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