Vision Board

If I can give the world a bit of advice, it would be to NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING! Don’t ever doubt yourself, never stop believing because anything you want you can get and always have a VISION! If you can’t it’s only do to a lack of self belief.

Vision Board
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I am a very strong believer in The Law of Attraction and The Secret before ever even knowing what it was! If there is 1 simple action you can take from there is to make a “Vision Board”, go online, get some old magazines and print them out or cut out things that you really want for yourself! Your dream job, dream home, dream vacation, dream wedding, ect. The how, what, when, where doesn’t matter! All that matters is that you cut these out and you envision these things being yours and let the Universe do the rest.

Glue them down on a poster board and have it hang somewhere, in your room, your office, at work, over your refrigerator, or if you really want to test the Universe and G*d hide it. If you want a clear image of what a vision board should look like just google the word and click images! You won’t believe how many people actually do it! It’s truly inspiring!


These vision boards are like placing an order with the Universe. Ask, Believe, and you shall Receive.

Oddly enough without really ever knowing what I was exactly doing, since I was 13 years old I have been making these Vision Boards and collages of the things I dream for and wanted. Surely enough alot of these things came true. I used to have my closet doors filled with pictures of what I thought true love was like, and surely enough I met my first love at the age of 14 who looked very similar to most of the men in the picture and was a model. I had dreamt of meeting Britney Spears and at the age of 15, I was blessed to met her and also be a part of her movie Crossroad which was also on my wall “Be a Movie Star”.


My most recent one I made was almost 2 years ago. At the time I made this Vision Board, my life wasn’t looking very shiny, I had just gone through a serious breakup, I didn’t know who my friends were anymore, I was living in a foreign state with no family near by, my job felt like I was walking on eggshells, I had big dreams, with no money for them and had other things holding me back from being able to just leave and see the world. But like I said, I did have dreams! After many nights of endless crying, something came over me! I just got a crazy spark of inspiration in the middle of the night, which is when I always get my crazy ideas. I said you know what! I haven’t done this in a while but I’m gonna make a vision board after many years of not making one, what do I have to lose, I already lost almost everything (lol so dramatic). So I stayed up all night searching for things that inspired me, things that I want, places I want to go see, meanwhile I’m crying river ponds because this is so not realistic! I tried printing them out but my printer was out of color.

The next morning I set the alarm so that I can wake up early and get color to print out these dreams! I ended up just buying a brand new printer, poster boards, markers, stickers, I mean I was seriously into this and nothing was gonna stop me!


Finally I got home and was so excited to make this happen! I printed out the pictures and although I never got to actually putting them on the board I had them all laid down on the floor my “Art Room/Office” at the time and dreamed upon a star. I left them in my office table and randomly would go through them and imagine how cool it would be to be in these places. After a while I kinda forgot about them and carried on with life. I wanna say this happened around April/May 2012, on Jan 2013 I was moving out of my apartment in Baltimore and as I was packing I was shocked! I all of a sudden found my vision board prints and laid them down on the floor just like I originally did and I couldn’t believe my eyes, without even realizing it, I had made almost everything come true!!! (except for 1 that I recently made come true not too long ago) I mean I am serious! Italy was my dream go to country to visit, not only did I end up going to Italy 4 months after, but I also went on the same tour I had printed, that was completely sold out since before April. Magically days before the trip, a single space opened up! There were a few tours I thought of going on, but I went on the same one that I printed!!! The one I wanted the must! I wanted to go to Moulin Rouge as my teenage dream and did that in Dec 2012! London & Barcelona was on there too! All the locations and places I wanted to visit I DID! It was amazing! I seriously had tears in my eyes!


Always have a vision and believe that everything is always possible! It’s how I live my life everyday for years. I know people think I’m a bit crazy for wanting to the world but I don’t and that’s how I got blessed doing such amazing stuff! and if G*d forbid something happened to me, I know that I have lived a fulfilled life and always got all that I had dreamt of! I only wish more people saw this within themselves. Remember, the word impossible is really “I’m possible”.  Gooo make a vision board!

I am currently working on one now! 😉




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