Visiting Amsterdam? 6 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With The City

Around the world, there are some amazing cities to visit – but only a few you’ll fall in love with. This exclusive list includes Amsterdam. Check out the top 6 reasons why you should visit the city soon:

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1. The canals

Every traveler has heard of the canals in Amsterdam. The capital floats on 165 waterways which make 90 islands connected by 1,281 bridges. According to Amsterdo, it’s these canals that capture you in Amsterdam’s spell – especially at night, when most of the bridges are lit with tiny lights that give them a fairy tale appearance.

2. The city is friendly and accommodating

In Amsterdam, everybody feels at home. The locals are friendly and the facilities are accommodating for travelers with medical conditions. After all, accessible travel is an important part of any city’s appeal.

Even some of the canal boats have been retrofitted for wheelchair provision and Amsterdam is popular with disabled travelers from around the globe. It’s unsurprising Insurancewith recommended the city for those with a medical condition – a city that welcomes all is a city to admire and love.

3. You’ll learn a lot

Museums are a huge attraction in Amsterdam. There’s over fifty you can visit, including popular choices like The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum. Whether you’re interested in history, modern art, film and theater, photography, paintings, or Dutch culture, there’ll be something for you. And, of course, there are the erotic, hash, and torture museums too – in true Amsterdam style.

4. The food

In a list of reasons; “life would be better if you were in Amsterdam“, food makes several appearances. Waffles, pannekoek (large pancakes topped with sweet items), poffertjes (miniature pancakes), doner kebabs and Vlaamse fries are all mentioned. A trip to Amsterdam is a delight for your tastebuds.

5. Vondelpark

Amsterdam’s largest city park, Vondelpark, is the place to go on a sunny day in the city. Get around like the locals do and hire a bike to explore the 120 acres for yourself. When you need a break, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes for a bite to eat.

6. Gezellig

Not all words can be successfully translated into English – “Gezellig” is one of those words, and it encompasses Dutch culture. The best way of describing it as a quaint, cozy, friendly, warm and welcoming feeling. It’s a nice atmosphere, a friendly community or a wonderful feeling of contentment. Without a doubt, you’ll experience Gezellig in Amsterdam.

Have you visited Amsterdam? Share your experiences! Let us know what made you fall in love with this amazing city.



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