11 Ways To Not Feel Lonely When Moving To A New Place

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Moving to a new place, always has its mixed emotions of excitement and fear. I can easily say that I’ve had to make over 30 places ” home” in my lifetime, without counting traveling. A new house may seem lonely and unfamiliar at first, and that is why you gotta make it the most YOU as possible!

I have learned a few tricks along the way with all my moving, that will make you feel more comfortable in a new home. Here is “11 Ways To Not Feel Lonely When Moving To A New Place”


Make it you If this is going to be your new home, you’re going to have to MAKE IT YOU! It doesn’t matter if you’re staying for a month or two or a year, give it a homey feel so that you have a nice place to come home to and relax.

11 Ways To Not Feel Lonely When Moving To A New Place

Photos are the one thing that connects us to our best memories. They capture a moment and a place in time when we were at our happiest point. I’ve always had a serious obsession with photos, and when moving to a new place, a new house may seem a bit lonely. So to start, I go through my photos and make a “Print” folder on my computer. After saving a couple of photos (in my case over 100), I take it somewhere to get them printed out. I then buy a wall frame and put it somewhere I spend a lot of time in, other than my bedroom. I personally like to go with the kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t stop by their kitchen at least once a day. But of course, you can also add fun pictures on your refrigerator and make a collage in your bedroom.

When you’re feeling lonely, look at these pictures and remember, you’ve lived a beautiful life and so many people love you out there!


Make friends- Making friends at random places is my expertise. For those of you who are shy or it doesn’t come to them as easily, start off by making friends at work, a cafe shop or at the beach. (WHERE: To Make Friends When You Travel Solo)

Find a new tv show to watch- Starting off a new series is probably my favorite thing to do when I feel lonely in a new city. While it may not occur to most, but when you watch a new show, you connect with the characters and they kind of make you feel like you’ve got a few new friends. 😉

Call your close friends, update them on your new life- What are friends for if it isn’t for those moments of ups and downs. Talk to them, tell them what you’ve been up to and how you are feeling. A friend will always cheer you up and remind you how amazing you are, in case you forgot.

Speak with your family often- It can be your mom, dad or siblings. I’m very close to my mom and have to talk to her every day. But whoever it is that you pick, update them on what you’ve done throughout the day and how things are coming along. A simple phone call or a text message will make you feel at home, even if they are across the planet.

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Buy flowers- Flowers always create a good energy in the house, buy them! They will make you feel better!

Put a smile on your face- Like attracts like, and you will attract people this way and make friends. Just smile, be optimistic, things will be alright, everything in life takes time.

Go out with your co-workers- They will introduce you to other people and you can make friends with their friends’ friends and create yourself a whole new circle of friends fast.

Sign up for a class or a gym- You will always meet people at the gym or any class that interest you like boxing, dancing, painting or cooking.

Get a pet- You don’t have to go ALL out and buy a dog or a cat, but sometimes even a fish can give you something to look forward to and make you not feel alone 😉



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  1. Great suggestions!! I moved to Florida in my early 20ty’s by myself. Left all my family in NJ behind. It was hard the first few months but I met people at the pool in my community. We started to hang out together and that’s how I made great friends. Thanks for sharing and linking up to #WeekendWanderlust.

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