Welcoming Spring With Uniqlo Lookbook

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It’s FINALLY Spring! and you know what that means, It’s almost summer!

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How did winter past before our very own eyes? Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel like winter and Christmas happened like 6 months ago? Maybe it’s just because I never went this year to a crazy cold destination during the winter like I always do. This year I decided to embrace Spring/Summer a bit sooner than normal. The winter in Los Angeles has been the coldest since I moved here, yup, that’s about 23 years. So I decided to venture off to Cuba and Mexico and start my Spring/Summer earlier than usual. I got back to Los Angeles right in time because the sun is finally out and it’s spring time!

hofit kim cohen - vanilla sky dreaming

How I Prepare for Spring

As the seasons change, so does my closet and wardrobe like most people. The sun has finally started coming out more and more in LA and it’s time to put those winter coats away and bring out all my Spring and Summer clothes from hiding.

So how do I prepare for Spring? Well first, spring is my wake up call for summer travel plans. It’s when I start thinking of where I want to travel to this summer and where I want to be for my birthday in August. Hopefully, after that process, I try to start saving money for it, although normally it doesn’t go so well, but trying to key. 😉

This is the time of the year where I like to give my closet a makeover. I look through my closet at clothes I will probably never wear again and make a pile of them. Then I go through them again figure out what I can give my sisters and the rest I donate.

The good part about this process is obviously that now there is room for some new clothes! So, I did just that with Uniqlo.

Spring with Uniqlo

Being the big traveler that I am, I first laid my eyes on Uniqlo back in Philadelphia when I lived there last year during the fall and winter season. I first noticed the store at the King of Prussia Mall (one of my favorite malls in the world) and totally went shopping. After moving back to Los Angeles, I then saw the store again back when I visited Japan a few months ago. I ended up finding out in Japan that it’s a Japanese brand that’s basically taking over the world. Think of it as a sort of H&M and Gap, but with high-quality fabrics. Lucky for me, I didn’t know it until recently but they opened a location at the Beverly Center in LA, which I’m pretty excited about and just got back from a fun shopping day over the weekend.

If you haven’t heard of Uniqlo; they have affordable clothes with great quality that last a really long time. They have clothes for men, women and children and the best part is that they have stores all around the world! and by the way, if you’re wondering how they came up with the name for the brand, it actually stands for “UNIQue cLOthes”! haha, love that! Fun fact.

hofit kim cohen - hofit cohen

Spring is all about embracing whites, tans, grays and pastel colors when it comes to clothes. It’s also the perfect time for washed out denim. Personally, spring is my favorite color scheme season, but if you know me well, I always like to mix in black with everything. So I picked up the new spring collection from Uniqlo just a few days and I’m in love.

For some reason, I’m the girl who doesn’t own any jeans and I’m not really sure how that ended up happening, but my favorite kind of jeans are the washed out ones with the rips on them, which is exactly what I ended up getting at Uniqlo, 2 W Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Length Jeans. I love the fit of them. They are loose, so when summer hits I can totally wear them even in hot weather without having my clothes stick to me in hot or humid conditions. I also picked up 2 W Drape Camisole/tank tops (super soft fabric). I’m totally obsessing over grays now and I know I already have a lot of black things, but what’s one more 😉 . I also got the matching W Drape Long Jacket in gray (so soft and comfortable) to go along with my gray tank top. LOVE IT!

Check out Uniqlo’s Spring Collections now, HERE!

Here is a lookbook of my favorite pieces from Uniqlo’s Spring Collection

Uniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenUniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen Uniqlo Spring Collectiondenim jeans Uniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen - vanilla sky dreamingUniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenUniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen - vanilla sky dreaming Uniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen Uniqlo Spring Collectionhofit kim cohenUniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen Uniqlo Spring Collection - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen - vanilla sky dreaming uniqlo

Thank you Uniqlo for the clothes. I LOVE THEM. <3



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