What are you grateful for?


Sometimes in life things happen; we lose a friend, we go through breakups, leave a long time job, we hear bad news, get stuck in traffic, we might just simply be having a bad day or we might just be going through a hard time in our life. For whatever reason it may be we aren’t in a good mood and we feel like its the end of the world. What we have to do is stop, relax and count our blessings and the things that we are grateful for.

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It may seem hard but we all have things to be grateful for and if you took the time, you come to realize that you have so many things to be grateful for and that everything will be alright. Positive thoughts create positive energy and if you really take the time and count your blessings even one time every week on a piece of paper or in your head and truly be grateful for it your whole life will change!

The key isn’t just to write what your blessed for but why…

Here is what my 10 things that I am grateful for today:

1. G*d- I am truly blessed to have G*d by my side because he always blesses me, surprises me, makes me stronger and puts a smile on my face with his magic ways. He makes me wanna better myself and do the right thing, even thought its hard at times. Without him I wouldn’t be who I am today or be here today. So thank you G*d for all that you provide for me my entire life.

2. Peanut- My PEANUTSSSS!!! I am so grateful for my amazing Peanut!!! I’ve dreamt of having this dog for 7 years and finally made it come true this year! I am so grateful and blessed because he is so sweet and pure and innocent like a child. He brings so much love and happiness in my life! and I really got lucky with a good dog. LOVE HIM!

3. My Family- I am incredibly grateful for my family. MY FAMILY IS MY WORLD. Although we are no long all together, I love them all so much and would do anything for them! They make me laugh, smile and feel like I’m never alone. Thankful there is also 6 of us and if one bothers me I always have someone 😉

4. Leo Power- I am grateful to have been born a Leo in the Zodiac World! Because being a Leo Lion is such a big part of my personality and who I am. Leo’s tend to be leaders, dominating, center of attention, impatient, loyal, kind and big-hearted, energetic, optimistic, straight forward, creative, ambitious, generous and stubborn and well I can’t lie but they are all me lol. I am a strong believer in the stars and I believe it all connects to my soul and destiny. 

5. The Beach- I am grateful to currently be living near the Ocean & Sun because my soul is a part of the Sea, the beach is the fuel to my soul and it’s the one place I go to clear my head, when nothing makes sense there it does, I get inspired there. It’s very hard for me to function without it. Love you Beach 😉

6. Health- I am grateful to being healthy and keeping an athletic body without ever working out because let’s face it everyone is alot happier when things fit them right and when they feel physically great.

7. Somewhere to Sleep- Although I don’t have a real house of my own for over a year now, I am grateful to always have a place to sleep because nothing is a given in life. Thank you for all the people who have hosted me, you guys are incredible.

8. Travel- I am so grateful to have seen and traveled the world because every time you travel your exposed to so much of everything, culture, people, architecture, food, fun, knowledge and excitement that it touches your heart so deeply and changes you completely as a person!

9. My car- I am blessed to currently have a car and a Mercedes. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking buses, trains, subways, taxis and walking but there is nothing like having your own car to get you to where you need and fast. My car makes me feel extra comfortable and let’s face it without a car you lose alot of your everyday freedom.

10. My Purse- Cheesy I know, but I am grateful for my beautiful new Michael Kors bag because I’ve been on a hunt for a new purse for a long time and its so hard to find the perfect purse to fit all your stuff in. AND I like BIG bags because I’m always traveling! It makes me smile and feel new! I’m in LOVE with it.



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