WHERE: To Make Friends When You Travel Solo

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Many people aren’t so comfortable with the idea of traveling solo, because they are afraid to be alone the whole time and others wanna do it but just don’t know where to meet people. I meet people constantly where ever I go. I strongly believe that the moment you make a friend, that fear completely melts away. So if this is what’s been stopping you from traveling solo, things are about to change ;). I have made a list, of where you can make friends no matter where you’re at in the world.

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Here are 10 places to make friends with people when you’re traveling!



Hostels are a great way to meet people! Most people who stay at Hostels travel solo or with another friend. People can be very friendly and offer you to join them on their adventures. There are different types of hostels nowadays, that cater to your style, age and personality. (For more on Hostels, check out: Everything You Need To Know About Hostels)



I have met some pretty cool people in the lobby of my hotels. In most places it’s where the free wifi is at! So there are always people around to make friends with at all times of the day. All it takes is a simple smile.



Tours and Classes are great places to make friends based on your interests. It can be a hiking tour you signed up for or a surfing class! You can always do your research before going, to get a bigger and better variety. Many cities also offer cooking classes, which can be a great combination of Food + Drinks + a Good Crowd of People = Perfection!

Me, learning how to surf in Hawaii

Coffee Shop

Every city, big or small has a few coffee shops. Some are packed and others aren’t so much, yet it’s a great place to meet people. Cities that have a Starbucks in them, usually tend to have more Americans and tourist.



Another great place to make friends with people, is on a shuttle from the airport to the city and also on city tour buses and ferries.



I absolutely LOVE Contiki, I have done 3 tours with them already. It’s probably the BEST way to meet young people when you travel solo! They offer tours for people ages 18-35. Most of their tours have about 45 people on them, so you have a big variety of people to make friends with.

travel solo contiki


For some “odd” reason, a lot of people are more likely to approach you at the beaches or pools. Maybe it’s that hot sexy bikini or that six pack, but people love approaching people at these locations. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a hotel pool or a beach and didn’t make friends with at least one person.



Any attractions in any city are a good way to make friends, it can be through waiting in line or by simply asking someone to take a picture of you.




16 Responses to WHERE: To Make Friends When You Travel Solo

  1. These are great! We travel as a couple but have met so many people (solo travelers and couples) in most of the places you mentioned. We find the travel community to be incredibly social and inviting and always ready to welcome new people!

  2. I almost exclusively stay in hostels and I always make friends there! I’ve also met some awesome people signing up for cool day tours. For example, I did a river tracing trip in Taiwan (it combines hiking, rock climbing and swimming) and met a bunch of really cool people from Singapore. Rarely am I every lonely when traveling alone, which is great because I’m a huge extrovert.

  3. I was just travelling solo in New York City and I met so many great people. Staying in a hostel really makes it easy to get in touch with other travellers, but I also met people all around the city.

  4. I think if I traveled more on my own that I’d be more inclined to befriend strangers more often. Because Justin and I travel together, we do chat to other people quite often but it doesn’t go much beyond a basic chat. Although that’s not a bad thing, it would be great to befriend some fellow travelers or locals to check out some of the sights together!

    • Ya, for sure and it can be really good for your blog as well! It’s a good way to have a following all around the world and to get the word out!

  5. Great post, it’s so true. The scariest part is that first step! Yet, I’ve always made a ton of friends travelling, I love it. I use Busabout more than Contiki, and we had a small tour of only 15 people which was GREAT! I’m friends with pretty much all of them even now 🙂

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