Why I Can’t Pick A Place To Live

In the last year and nine months, I have lived in 9 different places! I’ve been basically living out of my suitcase, why you ask? It’s because I can’t pick a place to live!


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This of course doesn’t include hotel stays and travels. If I look back at my lifetime, I don’t even think I can count back on how many places I had to call “home”. If I had to put a number on it, I would say easily around 30-40, maybe more… But who’s counting… 😉


So I guess you can say, I got this moving thing down by now!

Growing up, from 1st-12th grade, I went to 9 different schools. I‘ve became so used to moving around, that I kinda feel weird if I don’t anymore. Living in a place for a year seems like a long time to me! Which may sound crazy to some, but if you think about it, it’s all I’ve known.

I was born in a very small town right by the Dead Sea, called Arad in Israel. From the day I was born until the age of 8, I had already lived in 4 different houses and 3 different cities throughout Israel.

I moved to Los Angeles, on Christmas Eve. When we (Mom, Dad & Brother) moved to America, all we had was a dream and not much money. As my parent’s business started picking up more and more throughout the years, we kept moving to better places and different cities in Los Angeles.


So the moment I turned 18 I couldn’t wait to just move out on my own and create my own adventures and homes. Since then, my life has kinda been a moving roller-coaster. I’ve lived in Malibu, New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC area, Miami and Israel in different cities. Many even more than once. This is where my traveling obsession started and to be quite honest, signing a year lease, is like signing my life away at this point. As I‘ve became so addicted to traveling and moving all over the place. The more of the world I see, the more I want to travel and move. I want to experience the lifestyle different cities have to offer!

I fell in love with so many amazing cities and have left my heart in so many places.

I’ve set up my “room” way beyond too many times! I’ve also lived out of a suitcase for long periods of times. Currently my things have been in storage for almost 2 years now, but I also had a time when they were there for 4 years! Waiting for me to pick a place long enough to move them in. Which I’m assuming you realized that the more places I’ve seen the more that decision gets confusing.

When I call my credit card companies or any company and have to verify my address, it gets pretty confusing, as I’ve had way too many zip codes to remember.


What I have learned throughout the years is that I LOVE living alone and love change! I need to live in a big city, so that I don’t get bored and want to leave. I need a place that’s close to the beach because I couldn’t live without it. The weather doesn’t seem to bother me, as I love both the cold, rainy, snowy kind of weather, but also love summer in winter, in places like LA or Miami.

I’m currently living in Los Angeles. My things are in storage in Washington DC. I have more than a closet’s worth of things in Israel at my mom’s house, things in LA at my dad’s house and things where I currently live at. I crave and want a place of my own again, to have all my things in one place. I wanna have a place to come home to after all my travels and call home, but the question is always WHERE!

At the same time I also crave an endless life of travels.

Normally I spend more time traveling through the year, than I actually do in the city I live in.

Having my family split between LA and Israel, doesn’t make it any easier to pick.


This year, I’m planning a year full of travels and I’m so excited about it! While the decision is currently between moving to Israel, Miami or staying in LA. Who knows what may happen, I might move to a completely foreign place.

I thrive on exploring new cities, meeting new people and experiencing all life has to offer and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a gypsy and a wanderluster at heart, I can’t say I’ll know any time soon, I guess only time can tell. For now I will continue to remain undecided and an explorer of the world.




11 Responses to Why I Can’t Pick A Place To Live

  1. Your story sounds very similar to mine, I have travelled with my family different countries as well as my father was from Israel and settled in Los Angeles. Even after marriage to A Euro guy ( Luly me duel passport ) we have been traveling for the last 18 years since we got married, along with our two children all the time to different countries England, Ohio, Los Angeles, Cayman and now in Florida… As I’m writhing we are currently in the moving process. New adventure but still craving just like you a place to call home We lived the heart Los Angeles much to long. We are beach bunnies more than city Slickers.
    Very inspiring story thanks for sharing

  2. Travel now that you have to time and means. Once you settle down with a family it will get very difficult to move around so much. I didn’t travel to Europe till I was in my early thirties. Now that I got bit by the travel bag I want to travel all the time, but I have a family and dogs to take care of. I’m really looking forward to when all our kids are off to college so that I can spend some time aboard. Thanks for linking up to #WeekendWanderlust.

  3. Honestly, it sounds wonderful. I don’t think there’s any need to tie yourself down to any one particular place if you’re happy being more nomadic. Although, if you are looking for somewhere, Australia (my home country) might fit your needs with large cities and great beaches!

    • True, but I do want a place of my own, it’s hard to make a discussion right now, but I will have to at some point.
      I’ve actually thought of moving to AUS and really looked into it a few years back.

  4. This sounds like a very exiting, but as well exhausting life! I never moved with my family somehwere (ok only from the city to the countryside 12 years ago).
    Now I am travelling alone and I love it, but I still cannot say I found my new home… and I don’t really consider going back to Germany either… 🙂
    I am gonna follow you and your travels 🙂

  5. We’re so similar! I lived in ARAD in my year in Israel 8 years ago! And I’ve moved about 12 times in 10 years and also have the travel bug. I’ve been living in LA the past 7 years so that’s been pretty consistent (except for all the times I’ve moved within LA)
    Keep up the great work!
    – Alicia

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