Worst Food Experience In India & 15 Reasons Why It Was So Bad!


We’ve all heard some pretty strange food stories about India. This might not be so bad for some, but to me it was pretty BAD! No I wasn’t made to eat some weird insects and the food wasn’t from a street vendor (which they say you should probably never eat when you’re going to India, if you don’t want to get sick). This happened at a yoga center.

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Here’s the thing, I actually really REALLY LOVED the food in India! I could never stop eating! I gained so much weight, just as much as I did in Italy because I just couldn’t stop eating. Some of the bloggers that were on the tour with me, couldn’t stand the food, others loved it.

The people that didn’t like the food were mostly from South America and weren’t used to all the spices and spicy food. I LOVE spicy food. Another reason some people didn’t enjoy the food, was because they were just scared to eat it. Most of the food in India, you can’t really tell what you’re actually eating because there is no description on what’s inside of it and some people were scared to try it. 


Most of the food in India is vegetarian, which I loved since I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years. So as long as I knew it had no meat inside of it, I tried a little bit of everything they had. Like anywhere else in the world, there are some things you like more and other things you like less. But something about this meal was just terrible to me. Call me a Diva, but that’s just not my style of dining.


Here are 15 reasons why this situation was so bad:

  1. I’ll start off by saying that I am a huge hygienic freak and ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. I am sooo picky when it comes to food and I always have a hard time finding food I actually like and especially in foreign countries.
  2. This was my 4th day in India and I was still pretty scared to eat anything there because I’ve heard such horror stories about people getting so sick from the food there.
  3. We woke up at 5am and I missed breakfast.
  4. It was soooo humid and hot, which drains your energy and makes you super hungry and thirsty.
  5. Before arriving to the yoga center, to have this meal, I was playing and washing elephants and there was no place to wash your hands.
  6. We all had to take off our shoes and eat at the same level as our feet, which I think is gross.
  7. The food was served to us out of metal buckets.
  8. We had to eat with our hands, watered down food, that was served to us cold.
  9. It looked like jail food.
  10. I was dying for FREEZING cold water and they served us boiling HOT water.
  11. The food had a weird taste and the other half tasted like nothing.
  12. I wasn’t the only one who thought the food situation was odd, there were a few others who had a problem eating it and even the locals said it wasn’t good.
  13. We also had to later wash the dish we ate from, but there was no soap, which made me feel better that I didn’t eat anything.
  14. It was around 3pm until we got to eat lunch and I basically didn’t end up eating until 10pm that night.
  15. I just simply wasn’t prepared to eat this way, no one gave us the heads up. #cultureshock

I did however, managed to eat with my hands a meal on a banana leaf instead of a plate 2 weeks later.


So here is a live version of this whole situation:



4 Responses to Worst Food Experience In India & 15 Reasons Why It Was So Bad!

  1. Other than not being able to wash your hands or not having soap to wash your plate, the rest are just your fears. Did you ask them for soap and water? You are only sitting on the floor, not eating off the floor. The food is still in a plate, isn’t it? You are not just used to it and calling it gross. As long as the floor is clean and surroundings not dusty, eating on the floor is not a health risk. The hot water is a yoga thing. The taste was also not good because it was probably devoid of spices and salt, again recommended dietary restrictions according to yoga and ayurveda.

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