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The Sampo Icebreaker, Swimming With Icebergs – Kemi, Finland

Sampo Icebreaker - Kemi, Finland - VanillaSkyDreaming.com Hofit Kim Cohen

So far this year, since 2016 began, I have done some pretty extreme travel activities. I’ve swum with sharks, zip-lined through the jungles and slept in a snow hotel, as crazy and fun as all these things were, nothing comes close, to going on the incredible Sampo Icebreaker ship and swimming with icebergs! In my wildest dreams, I never ever thought I would do something so amazing and crazy. Up until a few months ago, I had no idea that something so crazy and incredible like this actually existed, except for in Antarctica.
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How I Ended Booking My Trip For The Wrong Month!


As a person that travels as much as I do, I give myself the credibility of being a travel expert. I’ve traveled all over the world for over 2 decades. I’m a travel deal queen. I know all the websites to find the best deals and thrive on finding them. I’ve been on hundreds of planes and I guess somewhere in between flying so much, things can go wrong. I’ve missed flights for the sake of love and adventure. I was on a plane that almost crashed once, I also had someone die on one of my flights and recently missed a flight for not waking up on time, but NEVER did I ever, book a flight for the wrong month, until recently! Continue Reading…