4 Tips To Remember When Going On A Campervan Vacation


If there’s one way to have a real adventure on your vacation, it’s traveling in a campervan. It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling, whether it’s around the coast of England, through America or to the south of France, you’re going to have an amazing time and experience some incredible things. When it comes to going on your campervan vacation, it’s important to keep a few handy tips in mind to ensure your vacation is as good as you’d imagined and runs nice and smooth.

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Do Your Research

There are a few important things to research before you actually set off on your adventure, as you want to be certain that your plans are going to run smoothly. Firstly, if you’re planning on renting a campervan then you need to ensure you’ve carried out enough research to know that you have the best deal and a good quality camper. There are so many companies online that offer beautiful campers for really good prices, so researching will give you a good idea of what’s available to you. You also need to do some research regarding the locations you wish to check out. Dependant on the country, some locations are only accessible at certain times, through certain seasons, and you don’t want to drive somewhere to be disappointed or find out you wasted your time. It’s also really beneficial for your scheduling, as you can figure out exactly where you want to go and which way round it’s going to be better to do things.

All the Gear…

Just like camping, when you plan to go on an adventure in a camper you need some specific essentials to help you get by. If you own your own campervan, you need to stock it up with these essential items and ensure you have everything you need to last the holiday. For those who are renting, find out exactly what your camper comes with before doing any shopping, as you often find that some companies supply you with the basic necessities to get you started. The most important things to remember to bring with you include basic campervan accessories such as plastic cups and plates, pillows and bedding, water containers and toiletries. The beauty of traveling on the open road is that if you do realize you’ve forgotten something, you can travel to the closest shop to stock up on those items. It’s also really useful to remember to pack some additional towels, a torch, matches and some spare batteries, as these are almost always needed!

Have Plenty of Water

It may seem like an obvious thing to remember, but water is seriously important when you’re on your holiday. It doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are, you need to make sure you have a strong supply of water to keep you hydrated and fresh throughout your travels. Whilst it may be easy to go to the local shop and stock up every day, it’s still really important to have plenty in the camper to get through each day, just in case of an emergency.

Stay in Contact

Keeping in touch with family and friends is really important when you’re travelling, especially when you’re on the open road. By checking in with someone every so often, you’ll know that someone knows where you are and what you’re up to, just in case anything was to happen. Even if you’re travelling with other people, it’s still important to keep in touch to keep you safe and sound.



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