5 FREE Things You Can Still Get On A Flight


As the years go by, it seems like we’re all getting less and less things from our dear airlines. Traveling is a luxury and when I was a kid (I sound so old, saying that), I got more meals, more free luggage to check in and better kids games from the airlines. Now it seems like every few years, we, as travelers, keep getting less for what we pay for. However, there are still a few goodies that stuck around throughout the years and let’s hope they don’t take them away from us.

Free Headphones

Back in the days, keeping your headphones was a big no no. The airlines went as far as making their own headphones with a double plug so that you couldn’t use them on any other electronic device. Luckily that’s changed in recent years and thank God for that, now if you forgot your headphones, no worries, you get brand new headphones that you can actually keep and reuse on other devices.

Free Extra Snacks

Sometimes you miss a meal because you were sleeping or not hungry, other times you might still be hungry, if this is the case, you can head on over to the back of the plane for some extra free snacks and you can take as many as you like. I’ve come across pretzels, crackers, chips and chocolate chip cookies.

Free Alcohol

I love this recently added bonus that almost every international airline is offering, free alcohol! and who doesn’t like a good glass of red wine with their dinner, to help you sleep better. Some airlines like American Airlines or Alitalia, offer red or white wine with their dinner free of charge, but I’ve also been offered free Whiskey and Balley’s with Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. If you’re lucky and happen to come across some awesome flight attendants, they will give you free refills in the back of the plane or have a bottle of wine laying around in the back of the plane, next to the free snacks.

The Whole Can of Soda

Yes! You can actually get the entire can, if you simply ask for it.

Free Upgrades

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you’re lucky, it might just happen to you. How do you get a free upgrade you ask? There are 2 ways.

The first is by being a points member of the airline you’re flying with. If they didn’t sell out of all their first class seats, you might be lucky enough to get a free upgrade by email, just a few hours before your flight or at the check-in counter. This all depends on what status you have with the airline. Of course, the higher up your ranked, the better your chances are at getting a free upgrade. I used to be a member of the Star Alliance with U.S. Airways, before they merged with American Airlines and almost always, I got that amazing and awesome email of my free upgrade.

The other way of getting a free upgrade is just by being nice. Yes, being nice can go a long way in the world of traveling. Sometimes a simple hello and asking someone how their day is going, after they’ve had a long day, can trigger someone’s kindness and they will simply upgrade you for just being nice.

Free Socks

Some of the better airlines now a days, many of which are Asian airlines, will offer a grooming kit when you arrive at your seat. The grooming kit always has a pair of socks and sometimes other things like earplugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste, combs, and playing cards. I love getting a fun goody bag.


Those are just some of the fun benefits you can get from flying.

Over to you, what have you gotten for free on an airline that I haven’t listed?

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