5 Soul Searching Travel Movies That Will Change Your Life

soul searching travel movies

All of us, at least at one point in our lives were on the journey of soul searching to find meaning to our existence. Some of us took our curiosity to find meaning, by traveling others by reading books, attending seminars or by watching movies that inspire us to go out and do big things. These 5 soul searching travel movies will change your life! If you haven’t watched any of them, your in for a life changing surprise! Enjoy.

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Into The Wild

soul searching travel movies - into the wild

Into the Wild is by far, one of my favorite movies of all time. Based on the true story of 24 year old, Christopher McCandless, who is fed up with society and his parents ways, he decides to get rid of all his belongings, including his savings and ventures off on a road-trip across America to Alaska to make his life long dreams come true. Along the way of hitchhiking his way there, he meets some amazing people that change his life. I won’t ruin the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it, but I will say it’s a beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending. This movie will definitely leave you with tears. The movie also has a beautiful soundtrack by Eddie Vedder, that will awaken your soul. If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you stop what your doing and call for a serious movie night.


soul searching travel movies - wild movie

I actually saw Wild, not too long ago on my flight back from Israel to Los Angeles and I was waiting to watch this movie for so long. I will be honest and say that the ending of the movie wasn’t very impressive and a bit disappointing, but the fight this girl puts up is empowering. Wild, is also based on a true story of Cheryl Strayed who decides to challenge herself, by hiking the famous hike of the Pacific Crest Trail alone, with no previous outdoor experiences in order to put her life back together. Previous to her backpacking hike, she experiences her mother passing, a bad marriage, which leads her into a self-destructive behavior that involved heavy drugs and sleeping around.  Cheryl decides to take her life into her own hands and refuses to quit no matter how hard things get.


soul searching travel movies - castaway

Most of us have seen the famous and classic movie, Castaway, but for those of you that haven’t…Castaway is a MUST SEE! Tom Hanks plays Chuck Noland , a man who works for Fedex. After a horrible plane crash, he winds up on a deserted island off the South Pacific, where he struggles to survive, eating coconuts and fishing and using some of the left over packages that washed up on shore. Chuck is stranded on the island for a few years, until he makes his final attempt to sail away and be found. This movie will show you what real survival means and maybe give you a few tips if you ever wound up on a deserted island.

Eat Pray Love

soul searching travel movies eat pray love

Based on yet another true life story of Liz Gilbert played by Julia Roberts. Liz is a successful writer who is fed up with her marriage and isn’t ready to have children. After a nasty divorce that leaves her broke she decides to take a year off of life to soul search and travel around the world, spending 4 months in Italy, India and in Bali. In Italy she learns to eat carelessly of her weight and learns Italian. In India she gets in touch with her soul and joins an ashram center on the pursue to have a connection with G-d and in Bali she finds LOVE! Eat pray love, is probably one of the best books out there and is a must read. I would highly recommend reading the book before actually watching the movie. Liz has a way in her writing that makes you connect with her so well and makes you really feel like your going on this amazing journey with her.

127 Hours


This is one of those movies that will keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time. This movie will show you what happens when traveling takes an unexpected turn for the worse. 127 Hours, is a true story on the life of Aron Ralston played by James Franco, who decides to hike and becomes trapped when a rock falls on his arm, in a place where no one could find him or hear him. Over the next 5 days, Aron is left with 2 choices, to amputate his arm so that he can get out and survive or remain pinned to the canyon wall and likely die. This movie shows incredible strength of survival skills.



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