8 Beach & Pool Essentials You Must Have With You This Summer

8 Beach & Pool Essentials You Must Have With You This Summer

Summer! Summer! Summer! Who doesn’t love the summer? I always feel like I’m living in an endless world of summer vacation all year long unless I’m craving some snow. Then I’m off to a freezing cold Scandinavian country, but most of the year I’m in summer mode, running around in bikinis and flip-flops.

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This time I’ve partnered up with Perrier Sparkling Water to give you my inside scoop into your must have summer essentials! What’s trending and what you shouldn’t live without. I’m also here to introduce Perrier’s latest summer edition, the new watermelon and strawberry flavors! But let’s get back to that in a little bit, for now, here’s my list! xoxo

Beach Bag

Let’s start off with the perfect beach bag to fit all of our summer goodies in! Ladies this is your time to take out your cute straw purse. The great thing about a bag like this is that you never have to worry about the things you have inside of it getting super hot, as they would with a leather or plastic material purse. The straw purse doesn’t observe heat, making it the perfect beach and pool bag! It also later can make for a good pillow while getting a tan.

Bag from: Zaful 

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

I can’t stretch it enough how important it is to invest in a good pair of sunglasses that will last you a long time and actually protect your eyes. A good pair of sunglasses also protects you from getting wrinkles on the side of your eyes. I kid you not, as a kid I used to love looking straight into the sun and trying to figure out what color it really is haha. Later on, in life, I realized what a terrible idea that is, when I noticed that it takes my eyes so much longer to adjust from brightness and darkness. So now I take care of them. This summer, I’m rocking a brand new pair of Prada glasses which I LOVE! Find glasses that you love and wear them everywhere you can.

For My Prada Sunglasses: Click Here

Stay Hydrated with Perrier NEW Flavors 

Perrier Flavors - watermelon, strawberry , grapefruit and lemon

I’m sure that by now we all know how important it is to stay hydrated during the hot summer and I think even more so this year since it seems to be a record breaking HOT summer worldwide. Whenever I head to the beach or pool, I always make sure to have with me a cool and refreshing beverage to stay hydrated and not get a sun stroke. Perrier (sparkling water) just came out with amazingly delicious new flavors this summer which are Perrier Strawberry and Perrier Watermelon, there are also Perrier Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Green Apple, Lemon and L’Orange. Naturally, I’m obsessed with anything watermelon or strawberry flavor and these guys are SO good! The best thing about it is that they have 0 calories and 0 sweeteners, but bursting with natural fruit flavors and effervescence. They are also gluten free! It’s also great with people who aren’t the biggest fans of water and need some flavor in their lives but don’t want the extra calories in their swimwear.

You can also use them to create fun cocktails.

The new flavors are available everywhere from gas stations to Seven Eleven, Ride Aid, Target, supermarkets and more.

To find a location near you or order online, CLICK HERE!

Perrier New FlavorsPerrier Flavors Summer NEW


Above headphones are FRENDS Headphones

I literally can’t leave my house to the beach or the pool without headphones, it’s differently a summer essential. I’m always trying new headphones, but my all time favorite are FRENDS Headphones and Sudio Sweden Headphones.

With my Sudio Sweden wireless headphones (Promo 15% off Discount Code: VanillaSky)


Watermelon is everything and more and especially in the summer! There is so many great benefits to eating watermelon beside the obvious one which is to help you stay hydrated. Watermelons have vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. It’s great for your skin and hair, muscle sorenessit helps with digestion and much more. During the year I have alot of watermelon, but during the summer, I literally eat it almost every single day. I make watermelon shakes or cut a bunch of pieces and take it with me to the pool and the beach.

Oversize Inflatable Floats

I’m not sure why this whole time I always thought they were called “Floatys”, but I guess after googling it, it’s called Floats 🙁

Anyways we all know by now that the inflatable oversized floats are trending since last year, but they are still as popular and on the market as ever. They make for a perfect pool photo and a fun way to get a tan. In some countries where the waves aren’t as rough, you can take them with you into the ocean. Clearly, the best ones are the big swans (especially the gold) and the unicorns float but the rest are still pretty cool.

Unicorn Float on Sale $29.49

Fun Round Beach Towels

I’ve always had such a big collection of beach towels and beach throws. I love all the cool patterns and colors any of them have. I seriously own over 40 different ones and now that the new round beach towels are trending, I’m in love! They are just too cute and perfect for a summer day at the beach! They dry up easily, they normally fold to a pretty small size — smaller than a towel and can be shared.

Wet Brush

You guys, I literally can’t rave enough about this brush! It’s everything and more! I’m obsessed! We all know that jumping into the pool or the ocean OR just even getting into salt water or chlorine water can damage our hair and leave it dry and tangly. This is what Wet Brush is great for, it easily brushes your hair without ripping off your actual hair. It’s amazing! When your hair is wet it’s at a vulnerable stage of breaking off easily. I highly recommend it to anyone. I own 3 of them and I always have one in my brush no matter where I’m going and especially to the pool or beach.





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