The Best Vegan Chocolates You’ll Ever Try – Black Dinah Chocolatiers

 Black Dinah Chocolatiers
I’m sure by now many of you know that I’m a hardcore vegetarian for 26 years and mostly vegan for the last 2.5 years. So naturally, I’m always looking for new vegetarian, vegan and organic foods and desserts that I can get my hands on. Most recently I discovered  Black Dinah Chocolatiers and I’m in love!

The Best Vegan Chocolates You'll Ever Try - Black Dinah Chocolatiers

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The story of Black Dinah Chocolatiers

Born on Isle au Haut and with a cafe in Blue Hill and Westbrook, Maine, Black Dinah Chocolatiers is truly a small business with Maine roots and global aspirations. The husband and wife team, Steve and Kate Schaeffer work endlessly to create local ingredients with the finest chocolate to bring adventurously flavored concoctions to their loyal fans and are all made in the USA.

About the Chocolates 

Black Dinah Chocolatiers are vegetarian, with the options of vegan and gluten-free and are truly delicious for everyone. They are always creating new shapes, themes and flavors to their chocolates. Since now it’s October and Halloween is around the corner, they created a limited edition October collection. To see more CLICK HERE. How cute are those chocolate pumpkins!

I tried them too!

 Black Dinah Chocolatiers - limited edition

I actually just got to sample some of their chocolates and I LOVE THEM! Black Dinah Chocolatiers sent me their amazing “Farmer Collection” and their limited edition truffle collections which featured the “Pear & Champaign Truffle” chocolate.

I was SO excited to finally receive my package.

The “Pear & Champaign Truffle” chocolates are flawless! They have these glossy textures to them and this shiny colors that almost reminds me of the texture you get when you get your nails done gel manicure. They are just amazing!

The Farm Market collections are just beautiful, each custom made to look different with a different design and a different flavor.

All of which makes for the perfect holiday gift!


These guys really thought of everything! I was so pretty impressed with their packaging. To make sure the chocolate get to your house in perfect condition, the chocolates in a package that is vacuum sealed with an ice pack to protect the chocolates from moisture and condensation. It also came with the note that said that the Truffles are good for 3 weeks and the caramels are good for 8 weeks.

As for the actual packaging of the chocolates, well as you can see they are all custom made for each theme.

AND I have a special offer for you guys!  15% off their purchase (no minimum) AND orders over $75 always received free shipping.

Use Discount code: Taste15 

What makes these chocolates so special 

Besides the obvious that they are all vegetarian and provide vegan and gluten-free products options. Their packaging and delicious flavors are just amazing. They are also created with fresh cream and butter from local farms and I love when a company helps support local farms. They buy fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers with Maine farmers and gardeners they have met along the way. They use premium organic teas, local roasted coffee and spices to add flavors to their chocolates. Which is what makes them the best chocolate in the world!

The Perfect Gift!

Chocolates always make for the best gift, I mean really? Who doesn’t love chocolates (no one)! They make a great gift for dinner parties, anniversaries, holidays and even for yourself!


To find out more about Black Dinah Chocolatiers click here!

*This is a sponsored post by Black Dinah Chocolatiers. Thank you, Black Dinah Chocolatiers for your amazing chocolates, I love them. As always my opinions are of my own



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