28 Do’s and Don’ts of Going on a Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

Ever been on a cruise ship? Always been curious about it? Cruise ships are probably the cheapest way of traveling, even sometimes cheaper than getting into your car and staying 2 nights in a hotel. For many years, I was curious about them. I had many friends that have been on them and seeing as I’m obsessed with the ocean, it just seemed like the perfect combination. I went on my first cruise ship about a year ago to the Bahamas and since then been on a few more. Going on a cruise ship, even for a few days, is quite the experience and pretty exciting! Here is your Do’s and Don’ts on Going on a Cruise Ship.

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Welcome aboard!

40DON’T forget to set up your alarm clock- so that you don’t miss any stops! If you’re doing anything like island hopping or more locations than one, it’s important to always set your own alarm clock so that you don’t miss any locations. Some stops may be only 3-4hrs, so time is a valuable thing.

DO bring extra food- by this I mean snacks. Although you get free food on the ship, it doesn’t mean you won’t miss a lunch sometimes or you might not like the food they are serving. I suggest to always have backup. 

19             DON’T miss breakfast- it’s probably the best meal they serve at the buffet, plus breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although you may not be hungry then, this meal will give you a lot of energy in those early mornings, arrival at the port or for later on throughout the day.

1175508_10151639109938918_943598724_n DO bring walkie talkie- due to the fact that you’re in the middle of the ocean, you won’t have service on your phone. The ship is huge and the chances of losing your loved ones are high. A walkie talkie, is probably the smartest, cheapest and easiest way to avoid these moments, especially when you’re with a group of people.  

34 DON’T go in the pool! – If I can give 1 bit of advice, this would probably be it. The pools on cruises are very tiny and are meant to be used by thousands! and normally there is only 1 pool. This my friends is not a sanitary situation. I would honestly recommend just using those pool showers to refresh yourselves. 

17  DO bring nice clothes for dinners- Every passengers has the ability to join in on a fancy dinner, usually between 3-5 course meal. Everyone usually dresses up for this, so don’t be left out. Some of these cruise dinners also have a dress code requirement.

998495_10151639111528918_158236520_n DON’T use the Internet- this will probably be hard for many of you, but it is sooo expensive and on top of it, super slow. On my last cruise I spent 16€ for 3hrs and spent the whole first hour trying to find service, which turns out only works on 2 floors out of 11. I also once paid $40 for 1 hour of slow wifi! It’s honestly not worth it, wait till you’ve arrived at your destination/land and you’ll probably find free wifi that’s pretty fast.

578417_10151639112423918_792448037_nDO explore the whole ship- there are some pretty cool stuff on board, such as the spa, adults-only Jacuzzi, running track, golf course, different eating areas and more! It will help you better plan your free time on the ship.


DON’T miss dinner- dinner isn’t served all night, especially not the fancy dinner. It all ends at around 9pm, so make sure not to miss it! They are very strict on their timing for it. Otherwise, you’ll be just as upset as me, eating nasty food you don’t wanna eat! This actually happened on my birthday :-/

image DO bring alcohol on board- I’m not a big drinker, but if you are, it’s very wise to bring your own bottle of alcohol with you on board. Alcohol is the #1 way that the cruise makes money and it can get expensive! Just ask my brother, who ended up with a $500 bill on a 4 day cruise! lol

396358_10150517232066902_1924395860_n DON’T gamble- all your money away! Cruises normally have a casino area on board. I’ve seen many lose big amounts of money! Don’t be one of these people. 

IMG_4288              DO check out the daily events- there is seriously something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s bingo, or the stand up comedy show, to dance classes, competitions or poker tournament. Check your daily events and activity sheet that’s usually placed under your door every morning.


DON’T forget to bring shampoo and conditioner- sunscreen, lotion, toothpaste, ect. You’ll probably have shampoo in the room, but not the rest. They might sell these things on board, but they are all way overpriced.

1003373_10151639114063918_164733186_nDO make friends, you’ll run into them later on- although the ship is huge, you’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll run into certain people! Making friends on a cruise is great! Keeps you entertained and makes your trip a whole lot more fun. 

imageDON’T forget to divide credit cards- Upon arriving on board, you will get a room key card. This card is also connected to your credit card, so as you’re going about your day, you can charge things on your “room key”, instead of carrying cash and room key. The problem is, is if you’re sharing a room with someone, it will also be charged to your credit card. Make sure sometime early on your trip, to divide credit cards and room key to each person, so you’re not over charged.

DO get the ship’s map down- you can and will get lost all the time. Everything looks the same! The worse is when you’ve walked across the ship and up the floors and find out what you were looking for is on the complete otherwise of the ship.

28 DON’T book activities on board- they are always overpriced, by a lot. I would recommend booking activities before hand, or better yet at the actual location, because there are better deals in person. 

IMG_4284     DO enjoy midnight stars- there is nothing like going to the front or the back of the ship and enjoying star watching! It’s one of my favorite things to do on a cruise. Very peaceful and relaxing.

1DON’T forget to bring something warm for the night- it may be summer, but being in the middle of the ocean at night, can get chilly. Always bring a warm jacket with you, just in case.

37 DO enjoy some tropical live music- there is nothing like feeling like you’re in paradise. Every morning and into the afternoon there is usually live music playing at the pool deck. There is nothing like enjoying the sweet sun, laying out, with a Piña Caloda and listening to live music. There is also live music throughout the night, like the piano bar or in the lounge. 

1236824_10151639115403918_1650363663_n DON’T be shy! Be daring- go up on that stage, sing karaoke! Join the daily contest! Put yourself out there! Even if it might be embarrassing, you‘re on vacation be silly! Go wild! It will make for a good laugh later in stories and you will enjoy yourself more.

ecedb4a2b6816d4034fa42d45f966d48 DO order everything… it’s free- when stuck on which entree to order, just order both! You can, it’s completely free and many times even the server will suggest it. You’re on vacation, enjoy yourself and try new food. 

66787_10151633510323918_1840434025_n DON’T forget to enjoy the sunset- being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or any other ocean, you have nothing in front of you but the sky and water. This makes for a stunning sunset! Don’t miss it! 

image DO order free room service- Not all but most cruises offer free room service. They normally don’t have a big selection, but the good thing about it is that it’s 24/7.

IMG_4213        DO know where your life jacket is- Although this isn’t 1912 and we aren’t on the Titanic, it’s still good to know where your life jacket is and where your lifeboat would be.

576549_10151639110283918_743897618_n DON’T be late for departure- you will be left behind! Most cruises are super strict about this, if they say all aboard at 10am, they really mean it. You don’t want to be left behind, so plan accordingly.

1185849_10151633510363918_1583733380_n      DO enjoy quite time- One of my favorite things on a cruise ship is some nice quiet time with myself to just relax. There are many places to find your peace and quiet on the ship.

IMG_4463 DON’T forget to use sunscreen- the sun is different all over the world, some places stronger than others. What may seem like a normal amount of time tanning can end up in a bad sunburn. Protect yourself.


Most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself!




8 Responses to 28 Do’s and Don’ts of Going on a Cruise Ship

  1. So agree about sunscreen! I’m pasty white and burn early so it’s mandatory for me especially when at sea! I just learned that while it’s ok to use walkie talkies in the US, FRS/GMRS radios aren’t allowed in Europe so be careful.

  2. Great tips! Shampoo and Conditioner are probably the most important ones for me. I’m one of those people that spend tons of money on internet charges because I have to be on my computer. I’ve found that most telephone companies now a days offer cruise packages so that people can stay connected. Thanks for linking up to #WeekendWanderlust this week.

  3. I agree with most of them, but I think some of them depend what ship you’re on! I’ve been on 5 cruises with Princess and they usually have 4-5 pools on their ships and they are never that crowded…plus, there are some marked “adults only” that you can always swim in, even on sea days! You can also get dinner in the dining room until 10pm with “anytime dining” so you can go anytime between 5 and 10pm for a formal dinner. They also have shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap in the cabins, though I prefer bringing my own. Great tips and I encourage people to try cruises, particularly in the Caribbean as it’s a great way of seeing many islands at once and you can’t beat the price! Thanks for linking up with #WeekendWanderlust!

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