Gossip Girl Locations In New York – The Ultimate Gossip Girl Guide

the ultimate location guide to gossip girl

For any true Gossip Girl fan, New York City, is the place to be! Anyone who has been obsessed with the show, including myself, would love a fun walk down memory lane. Check out some of the most popular hot spots that were featured on Gossip Girl, in this unlimited Gossip Girl Guide!


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Good morning Upper East Siders, Kim Cohen here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite.

So here’s the scoop, there are 2 ways to explore the famous Gossip Girl locations; one, is by taking the fabulous Gossip Girl Sites Tour with On Locations, where you can join fella Gossip Girl fans on a fun organized tour for a few hours, for only $49.00 (CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS). Option two, you can wander off the streets of New York City and explore by foot the famous locations where Gossip Girl was filmed. I’m a true Gossip Girl fan and I’ve actually done both. Here are the locations and addresses.

If you also want to live like Serena or Chuck Bass, book a night or two at the famous hotels used in the show:

The Palace – The Lotte New York Palace

The Empire – The Empire Hotel

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Gossip Girl Tour

Grand Central

Grand Central Serena gossip girl
Let’s start where it all began, Grand Central, where the pilot took off with the infamous scene of Serena Van der Woodson coming back to Manhattan and where we are first introduced to Gossip Girl.
  • Address: 89 E 42nd Street, New York, NY

New York Palace Hotel

new york palace hotel gossip girl

Then we’re off to The Lotte New York Palace, where Chuck Bass and Serena used to live at and many other scenes were filmed at this location! The moment you arrive at The Palace, you will feel like you are walking on set of Gossip Girl. Best time to visit is during the holiday season to get the full Van der Woodson’s and Bass’s experience.
  • Address: 455 Madison Ave. (50th/51st Streets)

Henri Bendel 

blair breakfast at tiffany's gossip girl

Remember the scene where Blair was dreaming of her Breakfast in Tiffany’s worst nightmare? Well dream no more, at the famous Henri Bendel store on fifth avenue is where it all took place!
  • Address: 712 Fifth Avenue. New York, NY

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo: Courtesy of CW
Photo: Courtesy of CW
Spotted: Mean girls versus Jenny Humphrey. So many scenes where filmed in the famous “MET Steps” of the Metropolitan Museums of Art. Enjoy a fun lunch on the MET steps like Blair with her minions.
  • Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street

Central Park

Giovanni Rufino/The CW
Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Remember when Nate would join his father for a run in Central Park or maybe Chuck for a walk, when Blair would feed the ducks with Dorota. How about, when Blair and Serena put a white flag and had a heart to heart and became friends again or most memorably when Chuck and Blair said their “I Do’s”, all these scenes and more where filmed in the beautiful and famous Central Park.

The Plaza


If you already made your way to Central Park how about you check out The Plaza Hotel area. Where Blair and Serena decided to ditch Blair mother’s photoshoot, by stealing the clothes and having a fun photoshoot on their own, right outside Central Park. This was filmed just outside of the Plaza hotel in front of the water fountain. You might also remember this location from Sex and the City.
  • Address: between 5th ave and 59th street, New York, NY

Museum of the City of New York

via gurl.com
Put on your school girl outfits because were are going back to school, Constance that is. Used as the Constance Billard School for girls and St. Jude School for boys. This is where all the gossip and scandalous drama began.
  • Address: 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.

The Empire Hotel

My favorite Gossip Girl hot spot, other than the famous Palace, is Chuck’s Empire Hotel. The Empire Hotel is one of my favorite spots to bring friends that love the show as much as I do. Other than being Chuck’s master piece towards the last few seasons, The Empire Hotel has a special cocktail list for Gossip Girl fans at their lounge! You can try cocktails like “I’m Chuck Bass”, “XOXO”, “S”, “B”, “Lonely Boy” and more! I always go for the delicious “XOXO” that has white Godiva, Creme de Cacao and Sobieski Vanilla Vodka. There are also other scenes that were filmed in the lobby of the hotel.
  • Address: 44 WEST 63RD STREET NEW YORK NY 10023

The Archibald Townhouse

The Archibald Townhouse gossip girl
Check out where Nate spent his childhood, before his family lost everything they had. It’s also where Nate secretly slept at, when all of his family’s belongings were gone.
  • Address: 4 E 74th Street, New York

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar dan and vanessa gossip girl

You might remember this place, from the episode where Dan and Vanessa shopped for Nate’s anniversary present. Other then it being in Gossip Girl, Dylan’s Candy Bar is an amazing candy shop, that has everything you can ever dream of! It’s an amazing 2 floor shop, with candy even on the staircase floor. It features over 5,000 different types of candy!
  • Address: 1011 3rd Ave, New York, NY

The Humphrey Loft

The Humphrey Loft gossip girl dan

Take a step out of Manhattan and into lonely boys world, famously known as the “loft”, home to the Humphrey’s where Rufus, Jenny, Dan and occasionally Vanessa and Georgina lived at.

  • Address: 455 Water Street, Apartment #6, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
You’re welcome! You know you love, xoxo Gossip Girl! 😉




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