Celebrating Halloween In West Hollywood

Halloween is my favorite holiday in the world! Every year I take Halloween very seriously and go all out. I decorate my house, carve pumpkins, make Halloween cupcakes and sew my own costumes. But one of my biggest traditions for over 10 years now, is celebrating Halloween in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. It’s not just me though, every year over 500,000 people make their way to the streets of Santa Monica to celebrate Halloween like no other place in the world, including this year.

halloween in west hollywood

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The West Hollywood Parade, takes place from 6pm until midnight. The streets are blocked off for about 2 miles, there are stages all throughout the streets with live music, costume contest, many food stands and of course many costumes. Not just any costume though, but cleverly thought out costumes with months in the making! If you’re looking for a place to REALLY celebrate Halloween like you’ve never done before, this is the place to be.

When I lived in other states, I always made sure to book a flight back to LA to attend this event. While I know that may seem a bit excessive, but it’s my favorite holiday and growing up in a house that really valued all forms of arts, this is the place to be to get inspired!


Oddly enough this year, I was a bit late on making my costume and sewed it all up in less than 48hrs. Usually in the beginning of October, I already have two costumes in mind and start working on them. This year, however, with planning future trips, blogging and working on other future projects I was a bit distracted. Yet still managed to pull through with a costume last minute. My pick for this year, was Britney Spears in her VMAs performance of “I’m a slave for you”.


LA is known for great weather and we’ve had some pretty amazing weather considering it’s November, it’s still a beautiful 85’F degree here. However, funnily enough the only day we got rain this season, was the night of Halloween!!! I was totally bombed out seeing the forecast and although it poured, I still managed to attend the parade and at one point, dance in the rain!

Here are photos from both this year and last year’s parade, of all the amazing costumes people came up with. Last year I was The Queen of Oz.

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