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I just got back from my new favorite island in the Caribbeans, Anguilla. Some of you guys might have never heard of it, however, it’s definitely worth checking out because this island is just stunning.

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Right off the coast of Saint Martin, lies the beautiful island of Anguilla with a population of 13,000 people. Anguilla has some the clearest Caribbeans ocean water that I have ever seen. The island itself is located in the lowest part of the Caribbean, closer to South America. Getting to the island directly by flight can be insanely expensive, so that’s what I’m here for, to help you find the fastest and cheapest way to get to the island because Anguilla is anything, but cheap.

getting to anguilla by ferry

My little brother (who works in production) has been filming a TV show for FOX network on the island of Anguilla for 2 months now, called Couples Cove which recently got it’s name changed to Coupled, featuring Mark Burnett as the host.

When I first heard that he was going, I decided that I had to go visit him. There is no way I was going to pass up on visiting a new country with free accommodations since most islands in the Caribbeans are pretty expensive. However, when I looked up flights to the island, I was shocked at how expensive it was to fly out there. Flights from Los Angeles were starting at $2,600!

Normally the smaller the island is, the more expensive accommodations and flights are.

How To Get To Anguilla beach

There are a few ways of getting to Anguilla, so here are your choices of getting to the island.

1. Direct flight to Anguilla: 

Anguilla’s airport is Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA). Flying directly to Anguilla is pretty much a headache and super expensive, but it’s still doable. Normally if you fly to Anguilla you would have to have 2 to 3 connection flights AND THEN have another connection flight to Anguilla. So it can be anywhere between 3-4 flights in reality. Another thing about that is, there are only a small amount of flights coming in and out of the Anguilla airport every single day, so chances are you would have a longer layover in a different country. Which like I said before, is pretty much a big headache, but doable.

famous landing at Maho Beach in Saint Martin
Maho Beach

2. Ferry:

Your best option is to fly directly to Saint Martin (Princess Juliana Airport) and then take a ferry to Anguilla from there. Saint Martin is known for its famous beach landing, where the planes land very close to the beach shore. So you can later enjoy seeing the famous landing from Maho Beach, only a mile away from the airport. I personally think it’s great because you can see 2 countries at the same time and at a much cheaper cost. My flight ended up being $700 and I got to visit 2 countries. (Yay! For me!)

How To Get To Anguilla ferry saint martin

The ferry port is also about a mile away from the Saint Martin airport and if you book your transportation in advance you will be picked up from the Saint Martin airport and taken by car to the ferry port. Where you will have to fill out a form upon check-in and go through a small immigration process before getting on the ferry.

The ferries to Anguilla are very different than your typical ferry in Europe or other countries, it’s not a ship, it’s a small speed boat.

The ferries run every day between the hours of 7:30am and 6:15pm departing Anguilla and last ferry to Anguilla leaves at 7pm, which is basically during daylight. It typically takes only 20-25 minutes from one island to the other.

Regular one-way fare cost $20 USD or $55 EC for adults and children twelve years or older. Children under the ages of twelve years old, pay only $10 USD.

There are a few different ferry companies that leave to Anguilla every 30 minutes.

getting to Anguilla from st.martin

Here is a list of companies that offer ferry rides to and from Anguilla to Saint Maarten/Martin:

  • FunTime Charters – I used them and loved their (speed) boats, they were brand new and beautiful. They also offer free beverages during the travel including free beer.

Tel: 1 (264) 497-6511/1 (264) 235-8106/1 (866) 334-0047

  • Calypso Charter- This company also offers rides to St. Barths.

Tel: 1 (264) 584-8504

  • GB Express

Tel: 1 (264) 235-6205/7010, 1 (321) 406-0414

  • Link Ferry

Tel: 1 (264) 729-0654/1 (264) 235-3290 After hours, call 1 (264) 497-2231

When leaving Anguilla through the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, tourist 12 years or older will have to pay a departure tax and immigration fee of $28 USD to leave the island completely or $13 USD if they are leaving and coming back.

Hope this was helpful and enjoy your travels.


Anguilla - How to get there?



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