Lake Garda, Italy

For my 26th Birthday, I got to spend it at this amazing location in  Lake Garda, Italy! Growing up my family owned Boats and Jet-Skis and every weekend for 3 months in the summer we would go to lakes and enjoy the beautiful lakes through the West Coast riding waves. I have seen many lakes but no other one like this one! This place is pure magic and one of the most beautiful places I have to! The water so clear, beautiful houses and scenery. After about an hour of cruising we stopped at the main attraction of Lake Garda, a little town, with so many goodies! The perfect location for exploring many things in just one day. I ended up going to a Spa with my girlfriends, shopped at cute small boutiques, went into a real castle for the first, got gelato and a tan. If your going to Italy this is definitely a place to check out. (Click below to see more pictures)


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