Life Hacks: How to Stay Warm In Extreme Cold Weather – (VIDEO)

Life Hacks: How to Stay Warm In Extreme Cold Weather - (VIDEO)

As many of you already know, I’ve traveled to THE coldest and coolest places in the world. I’ve been to Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Arctic Circle in Lapland, London, Amsterdam, Paris, lived in NYC, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The only other places that are missing from this list is Greenland, Russia, Alaska and Antarctica, which I plan on all visiting, hopefully, sooner than later. But hey, I still think I have a pretty impressive list of the coldest places in the world, mainly in the Scandinavian countries. So it’s fair to say that I learned a thing or two about the crazy extreme cold weather.

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Staying warm can literally save your life when visiting the coldest places in this world like Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Arctic Circle.

I am here to basically save your life, in case you are planning on visiting any of these countries. My proof for success is not getting sick in the coldest places in the world, minus Iceland and London, but back when I went to these places I had no idea about the true science of cold. Now I do! I’ve visited all these places and have had to learn sometimes the hard way how to stay warm and dress well for a serious winter.

I’ve also linked below the videos all the gear I had, in case you wanted any because I get asked all the time what to wear to these places.

Here is my 2 video explanation on everything you need to know on how to not get sick, what could get you sick and what can cause you to die. I’ll also teach you what to wear, how to layer your clothes and throw in some fun facts. Life Hacks that can keep you warm and save your life in extreme cold weather conditions.

List of Things in Video:

*Winter Boots – Snow Fur Rain Warm Waterproof Boots

*Hot Chillys Women’s Lamont Zip-T Base Layer Top, Black

*Hot Chillys Women’s Geo Pro Scoop Neck Top, Black Heather

*Hothands Heatmax Variety Pack

*Gloves – Burton Women’s Gore-Tex Mitts

*Snow Coat – Patagonia womens Hi-Loft Down Hoody

*Wool Socks

*Wool Thermal Leggings



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