My Healthy Habits + Morning Routine With Kiwami Green

I’ve always believed in a healthy lifestyle since I was a kid. At the age of 8 I became a vegetarian and in the last 2.5 years, I’ve became vegan with the exception of not finding anything to eat in foreign countries. I never smoked cigarettes, never tried drugs, never was a big drinker, I can go my whole life not having a drink. I totally believe in mind, body and soul. I believe that you are what you eat and value my only body that I get to borrow in this lifetime. I think it’s so important to take care of it, because well, let’s face it, we only get ONE. 

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With that being said, I always try to eat as healthy as I possibly can and mostly organic when I’m home, whether it’s dining out or buying groceries. In the last few years, I’ve completely stepped outside my comfort zone when it comes to food and have came across some pretty amazing healthy eating habits. 

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that sleep is not my strong suit. I never sleep and yet again, I really do love sleeping. I just believe there are too many things to be done in a day to waste it on sleep. I remember seeing an interview with Puff Daddy once, he said “I’ll sleep when I die”, it’s kinda how I live my life. Although clearly, our bodies need it. 

I’ve never been a morning person. Growing up my brother used to get so mad at me because it was a ceremony to get me out of bed and in time for school. Go figure, I’ve just always been a night person. It’s when I believe my true creativity comes out. It’s where I’ve always come up with my crazy dreams, goals and ideas. It’s also when I work on my blog and plan most of my trips. Oddly enough, breakfast has always been my favorite meal. 

So I recently realized that it’s not that I don’t like mornings, it’s that I just don’t like the afternoon hours of life. They always seem to have the most hectic energies. So ideally my favorite hours of the day are between 9pm-11:30am.

If I didn’t pull an all nighter and went to bed at 6am or sometimes 10am, I normally wake up at 9am.

My Morning Routine

I start my morning off with checking my emails and social media channels in bed for about an 30mins. It’s the only thing that wakes me up and of course my puppy, Peanut. Which is the next thing I do, I take a nice long walk with Peanut and enjoy the morning sun and quiet energy of the morning.

Then I normally make something to drink and start answering all my emails and reply back to messages and comments I get. For my morning drink I like to switch it up, first things first, I always need freezing cold water. Then I make an iced coffee, a matcha tea or a healthy green drink. For breakfast, I normally make 2 toast with whole grain bread (the more seeds the better) and peanut butter and sometimes I’ll have a banana with it. I also plan out what I think I’m gonna eat the entire day, give or take. It’s always important to me to eat a few healthy things a day, if not all day. But sometimes I can’t make every day a super healthy day, but I try. When I don’t travel, I have more time to do that.

Being a vegetarian and practically a vegan, since I’m allergic to milk and dairy products, I know my body is missing many things that most people get and I’m always on the search for finding foods and healthy drinks that give me as much nutrients as possible and that have great health benefits.

In the last few months I’ve been completely obsessed with Matcha Tea and if you’ve seen my Snapchat, you see that I drink it a few times a week. I also became obsessed with healthy green drinks that have a bunch of vegetables and fruits in them and now I’ve discovered Kiwami Green and I’m so freakin excited! It tasts just like Matcha!

Kiwami Green

This thing is amazing and perfect for anyone who is into the healthy lifestyle or trying to find a quick and easy solution for getting your daily dose of nutrients in a few short minutes.

Kiwami Green has so many amazing health benefits. It’s packed with calcium, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, fiber, and folic and amino acids. Ashitaba is a very unique plant that’s long been used in traditional Japanese medicine — it’s a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, and B6, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin E. 

It’s inspired by the grand Japanese tradition of Aojiru, combined with Matcha (love matcha!) and Sencha — a Japanese greens blend known for its superior nutritional properties. It’s also crafted to complement your daily intake of vegetables in the most convenient way. 

If you’re looking for the next great way to living a healthier lifestyle. Definitely, try Kiwami Green. You can also make smoothies with it, morning fruit bowls or drink it with soy or almond milk like me and get creative with it.

To learn more at Kiwami Green.and ordering it, CLICK HERE



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