18 Signs You Have Wanderlust

So how do you know you have Wanderlust? Traveling around the world is one thing, but not being able to live without it, is another. That moment where you feel like you have been in one place for too long and its only been 2 months, is having wanderlust. Wanderlust is that strong desire in your stomach to travel, it’s that irresistible impulse you get, to wanna see the world.


For the last 10 years I have lived in many cities all over the world, I’ve traveled plenty, I probably spend 6 months of the year living somewhere and the other 6 months traveling. I’ve lived out of a suitcase for a little over a year and a half now and at one point had my things in storage for 4 years. This is all due to my serious case of wanderlust. Which in my defense isn’t my fault at all, I was just raised that way. Always moving around, that staying in one place for too long is odd to me and why should anyone really do that? This world has so much to offer! I seriously believe that not all those who wander are lost, they are just seeking something more deep than any experience can give you from staying only in place.

Here are 18 Signs You Have Wanderlust


~The moment you get home from your trip, you’re already planning your next trip.

~Suddenly getting married isn’t your number one priority, it’s seeing the whole world!

~You get so excited when you receive that stamp in your passport, like it’s Christmas morning!


~Your daily routine is to look up airfare prices. In fact, you know them just as well as the people who follow the stock market and just in case there is a cheap flight, you’re going! There doesn’t need to be a reason.

~When people ask you, “where did you get that from?” you answer with a name of a country.

~Instead of buying brand name stuff, you rather spent that money on a vacation. Let’s face it, a Louis Vuitton Purse is about $1,500, but then you brain drifts off and realizes that’s also the price of an international flight or even a vacation. When it really comes down to it, you choose traveling over materialistic items because the experience is so much more satisfying to you.

~You always have internet browsers opened on travel agency, maps and tours for future trips that you’re planning.


~You know you have wanderlust when you can’t decide where you want to leave because you left your heart in so many different amazing places in the world.

~Your emails are filled with traveling deals!

~Most of your phone apps are related to traveling in some way, including your games!


~When feeling a strong desire to travel, you watch movies filmed in foreign countries and dream of the day you will visit there.

~You’re very well aware of how many frequent miles you have, with each carrier and how many more miles you need to get to Gold or Platinum.

~You follow many travel blogs and have a serious love/hate feeling every time you log in their sites.

~You’re never content in one spot and can never imagine living in one place forever.


~You get so excited when you hear someone you just met is from a foreign country, now you can finally ask them all the questions you want about that country.

~You debates between renting an apartment or not because you know it’s going to take away from money for traveling and that every month’s rent could be the price of a flight ticket.

~You find yourself stacking your friend’s pictures on Facebook that have traveled.

~When someone asks you “where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”, you look at them like they are crazy, you don’t even know where you’ll be at the end of this month because you’re always following your wanderlust soul.


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7 Responses to 18 Signs You Have Wanderlust

  1. I can so relate to not knowing where to live because you’ve left your heart in so many places! I know I will have to find a way to live in all my favorite places at some point in my life :D. And I definitely don’t have as much of a shopaholic tendency anymore after I started traveling, because 1) I have no room in my carry-on to fit it, and 2) I always think of it in terms of how many nights of boarding or how many meals in another country that money equals to!

  2. This pretty much sums me up apart from the renting an apartment as I am tied to a mortgage for a house but I am looking at that as a long term investment. 🙂 Even when I am travelling somewhere I have been known to look at flights for yet another trip as a flash sale has popped up and an email reminder has come through. 🙂

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