The 15 Best Travel Tattoos Ideas

Best Travel Tattoos Ideas

Getting a tattoo is a big decision! But for those who want to take the next step into curing that wanderlust craving, I have the perfect travel tattoo list for you! We all have our amazing photos and passport stamps collections to look back on and smile about, but a travel tattoo is a daily reminder of that amazing life on the road and our sweet escape .

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Most recently travel tattoos have become trendy and many are going out and getting them. I would never get a tattoo, but if I ever did, it would definitely be one of these beauties! So whether you’re looking for a permanent or a temporary tattoo, this is the perfect list to inspire you!

1. Compass

travel tattoos compass

2. Arrow

travel arrow tattoo

3. Feather

travel feather tattoo

4. Anchor

travel anchor tattoo

5. Small Airplane

travel airplane tattoo

6. Coordination

travel Coordination tattoo

7. Map of the World

travel map tattoo

8. Sail Boat

travel sail boat tattoo

9. The Eiffel Tower

tattoo gallery The Eiffel Tower tattoo

10. Wanderlust

wanderlust travel tattoos

11. City Skyline

cityscape travel tattoos

12. The Flying Bird

flying bird tattoo travel

13. The Passport Stamp

travel passport stamp tattoo

14. Sak Yant

travel tattoo Sak Yant

15. or if you’re just not ready to get a real tattoo like me, you can always enjoy a henna tattoo 😉

Indian henna tattoo

Do you have a travel tattoo? Which one? Share a photo! Would love to see it!



3 Responses to The 15 Best Travel Tattoos Ideas

    • Ya, I actually REALLY like that one! It’s very different, but people don’t have it but everyone has the plane.
      If I would do one, I would probably do the passport stamps, wanderlust, a small plane or the Coordination. 😉

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