What Really Happens at a Playboy Mansion Party

The Playboy Mansion is one of the world’s most talked about houses. Many have so many questions like what actually goes down at Hef’s parties?¬†Who actually gets invited? How do you get invited? What’s it like? I have been asked these questions for years. So I’m here to reveal almost all of it for you ūüėČ

My first time being invited to the playboy mansion was when I was 21 years old, I had just recorded a song (“Dust” feat. Kim on iTunes, it played on euro radio) for a world famous DJ, Paul Oakenfold that was a good friend of mine. He was DJing there for a party and wanted me to come along and introduce me to a few people in the music industry, that were also attending. I had the time of my life! I made friends with many people, including Playmates and surely enough 2 weeks later was invited to another party. Once you get invited to 1 party and you’re in the circle, you’re always getting invited. By now I have probably been there about 13 times, maybe a little more and have been to¬†some of the most dazzling parties, I have ever seen in my entire life! I also got to bring some of my best friends along the way to enjoy the experience with me. Here is what a night is like at¬†The Playboy Mansion!!!¬†

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playboy mansion playmates

paul oakenfold at the playboy mansion

(Paul and I, at The Playboy Mansion.)

Preparing for a Playboy Mansion Party: While going to the party is a lot of fun, half of the fun is actually getting ready, its like going to the Prom, but sexier. Girls all over town get custom made outfits done ranging between $100-$1000! If not, they are making their costumes like me which also takes time to create the theme, get the materials and actually make it, which ends up running over $100 easy. There is also hair, makeup, which many girls get done professionally, nails (Medi & Pedi), tanning salons and buying the right shoes. They will be whipping out the Crepe Erase, along with a whole host of skincare products to make sure they’re literally glowing come party time. Plus there are some girls I know that actually fly in for these parties and need to also book hotel and flights.


Location & Shuttles:¬†Well, most people might think that when you’re invited to the mansion you just drive up there, think again. Every Playboy Mansion party usually announces their¬†shuttle pick up location a few days before the event. There are 2 reasons for this, 1 I’m sure Hef doesn’t want stalkers at his doorstep, all the time and 2 The Playboy Mansion itself doesn’t have much room for parking. Therefore, most people have no idea what the actual address is to the mansion! I actually got the honor of driving there once as I was offered a job at an event and had to show up early morning. Shuttles run all night non stop, there is always one coming in and one leaving, so whenever you wanna leave you can.

kandyland party

Check-in: After parking your car, you have to check-in. There are tables set up with letters of your last name, you come up to the table, with your ID and check-in. After your name has been found you get a wristband and can then line up for the shuttle to arrive.

352_34503261901_2099_nplayboy mansion hot girls bikini


Arrival: After about a 15mins drive, you finally arrive at the mansion! Depending on the theme you will start seeing the decorations upon approaching the gates! Which gets everyone on the shuttle very excited! Then you are greeted through a maze to enter, sometimes there is a photo opportunity with a backdrop or at the annual Kandyland Party, themed as Alice in Wonderland/Willy Wonka you are greeted by Oompa Loompa, who offer you some Oompa shots! Or by real Playboy Bunnies! 

kandyland party at the playboy mansion2430_55299686901_2657367_numpa lumpa at the playboy mansion hofit kim cohenplaymates party bunny

The Set Up: The parties are usually set up in the backyard in a huge tent or sometimes completely outdoors. You will be greeted with waiters offering you some of the best finger food you’ve ever had! Meanwhile, there is about 3-4 bars set up, with all you can drink beverages all night long, all for free of course. These bars throughout the night get out of control, busy and crowded.


Food: There is also a bunch of tables set up with food and amazing desserts and candy! All in all, again matching the theme.

265_20600936901_2368_n IMG_7667

After taking a couple of photos with your outfit and girlfriends, you can go explore the property. 


You can take a walk around Hef’s pet cages, full of monkeys, exotic birds and more.


Meanwhile Peacocks are walking freely in the backyard.


You also have towards the front direction of the house, Hef’s walk of fame¬†Hollywood Star.


If you keep going on the same path you will have reached the game room which is full of arcade games themed as Playboy and Hef, along with a piano that I randomly caught celebrities playing a few times.


On Halloween there is also a haunted mansion in the same area that I never dare to go near!

(Hate scary stuff)


The decoration throughout the whole house are just out of control and clearly these party planners, spend thousands of dollars to get things like the picture above to be set up.

playboy mansion party kandylandhofit kim cohen playmate playboy

Party:¬†Head back to the party, at this point the tent is packed with hundreds of people partying like there is no tomorrow! DJ’s spinning all night, go-go dancers dancing on different stages throughout the dance floor. Everyone’s honestly having a blast, making friends with strangers.

The Grotto:¬†is the pool of the mansion, which also has a waterfall and indoor caves with Jacuzzi inside. Rules are if your gonna get in, you can only get in naked! Yup! I’m serious! So this is where things get interesting and wild. Some girls shamelessly give the whole audience¬†quite the show after too many drinks. But I’ve seen it all, even old men in there trying to get a better photo! This is probably as crazy as it gets there to be honest with you guys. Everything else is pretty PG-13. But what did you expect? This is the Playboy Mansion!

hef with holly at the playboy mansion

Back to the Party: After having a few drinks, taking pictures and meeting awesome people, it’s back to the dance floor. Which normally around this time, is when you will find Hef and his girlfriends at the time enjoying some VIP service at their own home lol. Hef of course, always wearing his famous robe.

hef in robe at the playboy mansion

Did I mention the hot naked chicks walking around?¬†Well, they aren’t “technically” naked in others opinion. Since 1985 a man by the name of Mark, body paints and airbrush’s designed clothing to make it look like these girls are wearing a bikini but in fact they are naked. He does such a good job that even in person you aren’t sure if its a real bikini or not. These girls are walking in pairs throughout the nights getting their photos taking with all the guest. I actually really can appreciate the art part of these and find it beautiful, but just not to walk around with lol. This is actually how Hef discovered Kendra, his now ex-girlfriend, she was a body painted girl. The¬†below is all paint, except for me of course!

naked hot girls in the playboy mansion Kendra at the playboy mansion party hofit kim cohen

Costumes: So here’s the rule, to almost every party there is a theme and with the theme on the invitation dress code is also listed. Since this is the Playboy Mansion girls are in lingerie and men have a dress code of all white or all black, depending on the party. Those who aren’t dressed as listed will simply won’t be welcomed in. I actually love this part because it gives me the time to make some pretty cool outfits, on all 3-4 Kandyland parties, I actually used real candy in my outfits. My second favorite part has to be seeing all the ideas and costumes people came up with! Some are very classy, others will… I’d rather not say. But all in all its all creativity of peoples imagination and it’s the place where girls feel like they can be as sexy as they want.

halloween at the playboy mansion

The Night is Over: The party normal ends around 2am-4am depending on the event. Through the night there are also contests and pretty cool gifts. I once won the entire DVD set for Sex & The City and 2 nights at a brand new hotel that opened up in LA, plus a fancy dinner for 2 and a limo. (I totally cheated lol)

kandyland at the playboy mansion hofit kim cohen

All in all its a pretty fun and classy party, it’s not what people think or imagine. No one is doing it all over the places or at all, that I’ve seen and I’ve been there many times. In my opinion its overrated and is just like going to a club except you get to be a little bit sexier,¬†actually dress up and everything is FREE! You can be anyone you want to be for that one night. The parties are a blast and the themes are so much fun! I’ve had the time of my life at The Playboy Mansion¬†and amazing memories!

halloween party at the playboy mansion



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