What’s In My Travel Bag? – Hofit Kim Cohen (Vanilla Sky Dreaming)

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make a “what’s in my bag” video on my YouTube and finally got to it! I’ve partnered up with Kleenex’s latest hot product, Kleenex Go Anywhere and took it on the road with me for the ultimate travel adventure in the Caribbean.  

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This is a “what’s in my bag” video with a bit of a twist, it’s more of a what’s in my “travel bag”, my essentials and the things I can’t live without while I travel in my purse. I won’t lie to you, it’s a lot of things, but I also like to be prepared for anything!

I’ve made a video and I’ve also listed the items below for those who are interested in some of my stuff!

1.Purse by Henri Bendel (2-in-1 purse) – RIVINGTON CONVERTIBLE TOTE. Price: $450

2. LifeProof rechargeable case – seriously can’t live without this thing!

3. Michael Kors Passport case- Your passport deserves some respect, don’t you think? I do! It’s my prize possessions. Having a nice case to makes sure it’s kept in good condition throughout the years. It also can become some sort of a wallet. I use it for that sometimes too.

4. Kleenex Go Anywhere – these are soft tissues that you can literally take anywhere with you, you can hang it on everything you can think of and they always come in handy, whether you’re at the beach, on the plane, in a car, have allergies and so much more. When clicking the link you will also get  $0.50 off your purchase. Price: $1.76

5. Ted Baker WalletPrice: $150

6. Wet Brush – detangles hair easily, doesn’t break hair, awesome for using on wet hair and great for hair with extensions.

7. Universal Adaptor – Everyone who travels needs one of these, instead of getting one for each country, buy one that works everywhere.

8. Ankit Headphones – Love these!

9. Sudio Headphones – The 2 headphones I normally have with me from Sudio:

REGENT – BLACK (Wireless)


10. Power Bank/Portable Charger

11. Heart Glasses

12. Sri Lanka Lotion

13. Stella McCartney Perfume

14. Aloe Aruba Gel

15. Kylie Jenner’s – Candy K Lip Matte Lipstick

16. Sony AX5000 Camera

17. Mac Lipstick – Red Russian

18. Christian Louboutin Red Lipstick

What are your must have things when you travel? The things you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo





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