Wine Tasting in Crete, Greece


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Ever had wine at 7:30am? Well I guess I can put a check mark next to that now 😉 I spent my early morning in Crete at a vineyard, getting a wine tasting tour by this increidble man below. It’s rare to find such passionate people in this world, that are just in love with life that it’s written all over their face. This amazing man, lit up my day and probably someone I will remember for the rest of my life because of his passion, spirituality and love for life and his vineyard. He inspired me deeply. Without knowing a word in English and having a translator, he gave us a tour of his family’s vineyard and how they got started and showed us his secret in making great wine. After the tour, my friend,Stephanie and I enjoyed a refreshing breakfast, some wine and watched traditional Greek dancing. After parting ways, with a hug goodbye and words of wisdom by my friend below, we headed out to explore a little bit of the town of Crete, before heading back to the Ship for our next destination.



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