My Amazing Cancun Experience and Photo Diary

cancunCancun is much more than you think…

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Cancun is probably one of the most underrated cities. Most people see it as just a party city, but there is so much more to Cancun than that.

This past week I spent about a week in this amazing part of Mexico for the Travel Bloggers Conference, TBEX. I was completely taken away from its beauty. To start off Cancun feels like you’re on a tropical island from the moment you step foot outside the airport. The landscape of the city is filled with jungles and everything is green. The beaches are an amazing turquoise color, makes you feel like you’ve arrived in heaven.

Cancun offers many great activities like zip-lining through the jungles, swimming with whale sharks and of course the world famous, Chichen Itza Mayan Temple. You can easily spend a week there and have a full schedule with attractions to see.

I had the pleasure of being hosted by Xcaret for their famous dinner show, “Mexico Espectacular”. It is a beautiful show that captures a closer look at the Mexican culture from their existence in Mexico up to the present time. The food was great and fancy, the costumes in the show were amazing and so was the music. The dinner show is one of the many attractions Xacret has to offer, the theme park has about 40 other activities for visitors to check out.

One of the highlights of my trip was the releasing of baby white turtles, at The Moon Palace Resort & Spa. These turtles were just an hour old and we were gonna release them into the ocean. It was so amazing to see just how they knew exactly where to go, being only an hour old. They raced towards the water, as if they have been doing it for years. I got to release 2 turtles, which was an amazing experience.

I was in complete bliss my entire stay there, I felt relaxed, inspired and safe. Everything about Cancun seemed perfect to me. Their culture, the nature and beaches, the locals were so incredibly helpful and kind. I probably met some of the coolest and most interesting people in the world on this trip.

I was always scared to go to Mexico because of so many stories I’ve heard, but the truth is far from it, of course depending on what part of Mexico you’re in. I completely fell in love with Cancun, I really had the time of my life. It was one of my all time favorite trips and I just can’t wait to go back!



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