The Moon Palace Resort & Spa Review

Last weekend I had the honor of staying at the Moon Palace Resort and Spa, All-Inclusive. My experience was amazing and I would love to share it with you.


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moon palace resort

Arrival & Check-In:

I landed in Cancun early Thursday morning for the TBEX conference. I took shuttle from the airport to The Moon Palace Resort, which was only about a 15mins drive.

Upon arrival at The Moon Palace Resort, I was greeted extraordinarily well from the moment I stepped out of the car.

I was asked my name and after verifying that I was at the right place (there are 3 different hotels on the secluded property), a staff member greeted me with flowers and a fresh warm wet towel, for refreshment, as another one immediately took my baggage and showed me into check-in.

The entrance to the hotel was filled with beautiful purple, pink and white flowers everywhere and the moment the doors opened there was a strong scent of fresh flowers, which was so refreshing after a long flight.


I had arrived at the hotel a few hours before actual check-in. As the front desk staff member was checking for room availability, I was then greeted again by another employee, asking me if I had wanted anything to drink and right away got me some fresh orange juice. 😉


I was given a room upon my early check-in. The bellboy was very kind and also walked me to my room and gave me a tour of the resort. When we arrived in the room, he showed me all the amenities the room had to offer. All the rooms at the Moon Palace resort are all suites. They all have a beautiful big bath tub in the middle of the room, one of the coolest mini bars I have ever seen but my favorite was the hammock on my balcony! They even had a Chi hair straightener in the room along with hair products, which was the first resort I’ve been to that had that and I was impressed! The room also had 24hr free room service, which was such a plus on the days I had to get up early! I would order food and while I finished getting ready, it would show up! Perfect timing!

moonpalaceroommoon-palace-golf-spa (1)IMG_6815


Being that it is a 5-star all-inclusive resort, there were a few restaurants that all served quality food, including the buffet. Their pool was beautiful and huge,with hay umbrellas and tanning chairs surrounding it, as well as a swim-up bar. There was also a FlowRider pool, where you can surf at! The main bar at the pool area had swings for chairs which I absolutely loved and want some in my house!

One of the great features The Moon Palace Resort offers is free shuttles to their other sister hotels in the hotel zone, twice a day. To top it all off, your all-inclusive pass still applies at the other resorts, which includes food, drinks and all amenities.


My highlight of my stay at The Moon Palace Resort was their nightly event of releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean, where they let the guest help out. I got to release 2 baby white turtles, that were only an hour old! Such an incredible experience!

I loved the GREAT wifi everywhere in the hotel, including the pool area! Which was so nice after going to Greece over the summer and struggling to find a good wifi connection  everywhere I went.

The staff at the Moon Palace Resort were amazing! They worked extremely hard to meet all the desires the guest had and always wanted to make sure you felt comfortable.

With all that being said, I would highly recommend staying at The Moon Palace Resort! I know I will on my future stays in Cancun, Mexico.

Rooms & Suites start at $448


Thank you to The Moon Palace Resort & Spa Review for welcoming Vanilla Sky Dreaming! As always, my opinion is my own.



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