Glamping In Tulum, Mexico (Fancy Camping – Deluxe Tent)

Glamping In Tulum, Mexico (Fancy Camping - Deluxe Tent)

Growing up, I used to go camping with my family and friends a lot. While camping is lots a fun, especially on summer days, camping has taken a whole new approach in the last few years. Introducing Glamping! AKA glamour camping or fancy camping or luxury camping, whatever you want to call it.

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I know there are many girlie girls who don’t like camping, I don’t consider myself a girlie girl, but I am a huge clean freak, so if you fit under those categories or just want a new camping experience or adventure, try glamping!

Glamping In Tulum, Mexico (Fancy Camping - Deluxe Tent)

In the last few years, I’ve slept in strange places; I slept in the glass igloo in Finland, in the ice hotel, on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala, India, in the jungles of Sri Lanka and more. So I figured why not add some more crazy in my life.

I first discovered glamping when I applied for a trip to Australia’s outback adventures but because of visa reasons, I couldn’t go. So I kept looking for cool countries that offer that kind of experience. Africa is also a great place to do it, but if you’re living in the U.S. or visiting Mexico why not do it there.

Glamping In Tulum, Mexico (Fancy Camping - Deluxe Tent)

While checking out hotels in Tulum, Mexico, I came across the Nomade Tulum hotel (located on the beach) that offers both luxury suites and the ultimate Glamping experience. I believe it cost about $250 a night. There is also another place that offers this experience in Tulum, it’s called Harmony Glamping Tulum and is much cheaper, but since I was already staying 3 nights in the Nomade Tulum, I decided to just stay there. Their facility is really nice and beautiful, they have a clean beach and I loved their setup and food.

They literally built a whole little village of tents on their property. I was even surprised to find my own private bathroom and shower in my own little backyard.

What does the tent include: 

These people literally thought of everything and more, I even had an A.C. system because Tulum is known to be humid. You also get a lock to lock your room, so don’t worry about that. The

The Nomade Tulum calls it the Deluxe Tent.

Here is what I had in my room:

  • a king size bed
  • fan
  • air conditioning
  • a table
  • 3 chairs
  • a bench
  • long mirror
  • electricity/lights
  • plugs to charge my phone and laptop
  • a safe
  • shampoo, conditioner, shower soap
  • water bottles
  • carpets
  • towels
  • hot shower (even at night)
  • a toilet

It’s basically like staying in a luxury hotel room.

Sleeping wise, I had a great sleep! Super comfortable.

What do you need to bring?

You honestly have everything you need! The only thing I would say is a must is mosquito repellent, it will save your life. If your tent is always closed you’ll be good but this is more for when you leave the tent. The mosquitos in Tulum are aggressive AF! So be careful! <3

hofit kim cohen - vanilla sky dreaming - tulum, mexico
The Beach at the Nomade Tulum

I think it’s a perfect fit for solo travelers, couples and a girlfriend getaway.

Here is my experience of going glamping in Tulum, Mexico! Enjoy.


 Introducing Glamping! AKA glamour camping or fancy camping or luxury camping, whatever you want to call it.



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