Hippie Life: The Magic Of Tulum, Mexico

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I know I have so much to write about Cuba, but can we please first talk about how amazing Tulum, Mexico is because I am completely obsessed (I knew I would be). I would literally move there in a heartbeat…I actually considered it lol, still looking into it. Completely in love with this place!

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Hippie Life: The Magic Of Tulum, Mexico

First of all, I have to say that Tulum was a dream come true! It was literally everything I thought it would be and more. When what you think is your “dream city”, is actually just as amazing in person than in the photos you saw, you know you just won the travel lottery! and side note, If you’re an Instagrammer, this is definitely an Instagramable destination.

I definitely have so much more to write about Tulum but here is just a small sneak peak into my week in Tulum, Mexico!

How I Discovered Tulum

Not a lot of people know about Tulum and it’s kind of what makes it so special, for the most part it’s low key.

I have been dying to visit Tulum since a few of my favorite bloggers visited there a few years ago. My main inspiration to Tulum was when I discovered it by one of my favorite blogger Jessica from Tuula Vintage, I mean this girl knows how to take photos and she sold me on Tulum in a split second with her blog post about Tulum (CLICK HERE).

Since then I have been dreaming of visiting Tulum for about 2-3 years, but timing, the weather and money didn’t make it possible until most recently.

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Why I Never Went Sooner

I actually booked a few rooms at the Azulik – Adults Eco-Resort & Maya Spa hotel, which I’ve wanted to stay at for the longest time…probably over a year ago. I think it was like $400 for 2 or 3 nights and then last minute I couldn’t go plus the weather was bad that week, so I canceled it. I then tried to rebook it but this hotel got SO popular because of bloggers that visited there that the prices went through the roof, it became $450-$1000 per a night (for a 4-star hotel) for the most basic room and as much as I wanted to stay there and still do, I just couldn’t find that reasonable, so I waited. I waited and waited until I just couldn’t wait any longer. I probably waited for a year for the prices to go down and they never did. Kinda sucks but I ended up seriously finding the PERFECT hotels instead and I am beyond happy about that! I stayed at the Aqua Viva Tulum (a fairly new hotel – AMAZINGl) and the Nomade Tulum. My first night was at the Aqua Viva, then I went to the Nomade Tulum for 2 nights. One night I spend Glamping – fancy camping (WATCH VIDEO NOW!) and the second night I stayed in their beautiful suite. Then I went back to the Aqua Viva Tulum where I met the sweetest group of girls. Four of them love the hotel’s vibe so much that they actually moved there for the winter season and I really can’t blame them because there is such a zen at the Aqua Viva Tulum. I love this place so much. I also loved the Nomade Tulum, but they are completely different types of hotels.

BTW, if hotel prices are too expensive for you during the time you’re traveling, you should definitely try Airbnb. I found such CUTE places on Airbnb in Tulum and I have $40 off credit for my readers (It’s basically a free a night). Click the image below to get your Airbnb $40 credit, good for any listing in the world!

Hofit Kim Cohen

Photos from the Aqua Viva Tulum

Gosh I miss this place! Just looking at the photos makes me want to fly back tomorrow. That room to the left with the hut top was my room and probably the coolest part of the room was that I had a swing in my bathroom! Love that idea! It’s probably what sold me on the place to begin with lol. This hotel is pretty much hidden, looking at it from the outside, you would never believe what’s hiding on the inside. At night it even becomes more magical, with candle lights and torches lit everywhere. The perfect music is playing and if you have a glass of red wine, I’ll say you’re living the dream. Eco-friendly, pet-friendly, clean, peaceful, beautiful = perfection.

Check out the Aqua Viva Tulum

aqua viva tulum pool aqua viva tulumaqua viva tulumaqua viva tulum - hofit kim cohen

Photos From The Nomade Tulum

So here below are photos of the hotel and my room at the Nomade Tulum. Below is also a photo of my badass tent where I went glamping! This hotel literally built a little village with these fancy tents! I even had my own private bathroom and shower in my backyard. I also had a coconut fall straight into my toilet in the middle of the night! That’s in my upcoming video.

Love the decor in this hotel, I could also live here if it wasn’t for the 10 million mosquitos everywhere that ate me alive. I literally had over 70 bites and yes I counted! My legs and feet were the worst and I even got bug bites under my foot! and no, the mosquito repellent didn’t work 🙁 but was it worth it? Yes-ish. However, it is right on the beach and that’s kind of a deal closer for me.

This hotel is very hippie/gypsy but in a luxury way.

Check out the Nomade Tulum

Glamping at the Nomade TulumThe Nomade Tulum - Hofit Kim Cohenthe Nomade TulumHippie Life: The Magic Of Tulum, Mexico

Different people like to spend their travel money on different things, like some people might spend the bigger portion of their travel money on alcohol, attractions, yachts, food, etc. I like to spend my money on hotels and attractions, that’s just my thing – blame it on my mom.

Although the Nomade Tulum wasn’t cheap, I still thought it was definitely worth it. I’m obsessed with the carefree, hippie, gypsy style going on in that hotel and in Tulum.

Hippie Life: The Magic Of Tulum, MexicoHippie Life: The Magic Of Tulum, Mexico bike rental

Fun Tours To Do In Tulum

What is Tulum? 

There is definitely a magic to Tulum that can’t be explained but only experienced, so I’ll do my best.

Originally the way Tulum got its name was from the Mayan Ruins which is called Tulum and then later the city was named after it. It was funny, while arriving to the Tulum Mayan Ruins, I asked the tour guide what the names of the ruins were and he said Tulum and I looked at him confused as if he didn’t understand my question. I said “Ya, that’s the city name but what’s the actual name of this place?” and then he explained to me where the city got its name. A blond moment on my end. I’ll be showing you that in a different video, definitely worth checking out if you’re traveling to Tulum.

Besides that, what is Tulum all about?

Well, Tulum is the perfect hippie, gypsy, hipster, carefree, eco-friendly, pet-friendly city that stole my heart away from the moment I arrived. It’s the perfect city for those wanderlust souls that want to escape reality and this crazy world. Super chill, quiet, relaxing. It’s all about the relaxing vibe in Tulum. Sun, beaches, cool boutiques, healthy eating, yoga, spas, retreats, natural healing, spirituality, etc. SO ME!

It’s the perfect city to clean your head, soul-search, reconnect with your soul, read a good book, get inspired and come back re-energized. I think it’s going to be my new runaway zone. I know it’s kind of weird, since I am a travel blogger (or maybe not), but normally although I travel so much, I never really get a vacation. I never just travel to relax and do nothing all day, even if I try I just don’t know how to do that. I’m like a non-stop photo taker, videographer, note writer, adventure seeker, social media updater and probably a few other things I don’t even realize. Traveling the world is my job and it’s a non-stop job that I do 24hrs of the day (even when I sleep I’m dreaming of the world). Somehow this trip ended up being more of a vacation, which I’m happy about, Tulum kinda forces that on you with their laidback lifestyle.

Although I haven’t been to Bali or Thailand, I know and heard it has the same kind of vibes and I’m all about that vibe.

People ride bikes everywhere and walk barefoot, sipping on a cold drink on a hammock and enjoying the warm sunlight. It’s all about that “hammock life” in Tulum.

It’s not a party city like Cancun, although there are bars to hang out at, but normally past 9pm-10pm it seems as though the world has gone to sleep and somehow, that whole going to sleep early thing kind of rubbed off on me. I went to bed at like 10pm exhausted from a long day in the sun, plus a million bug bites and a pretty ridiculous sunburn, but I still loved it! I seriously give this city a 10 out of 10…well maybe a 9.5 because of the stupid mosquitoes that are just so damn aggressive.

Most people that visit Tulum are Europeans, although I’m sure there are also a good amount of Americans.

It’s about a 2hr drive from Cancun which is where you would land if you’re trying to get to Tulum.

I think it’s the perfect girlfriend getaway, solo traveler, honeymooner spot and small families with maybe younger children, but the city is mostly packed with young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s.

That’s all for now.

More about Tulum coming soon! xoxo


Hippie Life: The Magic Of Tulum, Mexico



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