Wake Me Up in Olympia!

Woke up early morning to a traditional Greek breakfast, before heading out to explore Olympia, where the first Olympic took place. Maybe it was the tour guide, but this was my favorite tour on the mainland. I checked out the local museum, which had such amazing art pieces that were beautiful! I then headed to see the ruins of where the Olympic took place, where the players trained, The Temple of Zeus and I got a chance to run on the actual track field where it all took place!


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After the tour was over, I got lunch in the city of Olympia and went shopping for goodies. We were headed to the city of Delphi, but on the way we also made a few quick stops. Our first stop was 

for a quick dip in the ocean, about a 10 minutes drive from Corinthian Gulf. Then we stopped at this beautiful small town by the name of Nafpaktos. I enjoyed a cold glass of Frappe cappuccino and watched the sailboats, looking over a castle.

I’ve learned that in Europe, my favorite kind of locations are these adorable little towns, that are kind of secluded, quiet and relaxing. Normally close by the sea and have these Italy vibe to them and many small streets to explore like Sorrento, Capri and Venice.

IMG_3977 IMG_3978 IMG_3981 IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3990 IMG_3996 IMG_4004IMG_4121 IMG_4156IMG_4013 IMG_4017

haha so this is where they would place statues of the players who cheated and before people walked into the stadium they would spit on them! Lesson in life, don’t be a cheater 😉 IMG_4018

Winners statues! IMG_4019 IMG_4023

Exploring the city of Olympia

IMG_4028 IMG_4039 IMG_4043 IMG_4154IMG_4047 IMG_4051 IMG_4059 IMG_4070IMG_4075 IMG_4078  IMG_4082 IMG_4052 IMG_4068IMG_4063IMG_4071



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