20 Unique Doors From Around The World

Here is a collection of 20 unique doors around the world.

While traveling the world, one of the greater experiences is seeing the simple day to day stuff, taken to a different level and formed into art. While most people don’t put too much thought into what their doors will look like, others take the opportunity to express themselves, their country and creativity. I’ve always been big on any form of art and one of my biggest fascinations I have with traveling, is seeing simple things turned into jaw dropping masterpieces. I think Santorini, Greece and Venice, Italy had some of the most beautiful doors I have ever seen in my life.

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20 Unique doors from around the world

While they say don’t judge a book by its cover, I think these collections of doors may very well do that and make you wonder, who is the person who lives on the other side of the doors…

 Doors Around The World

kinfsCopenhagen, Denmark

619564084c9bc3679e478ebc9ffc66f2 Mesilla, New Mexico

Piedmont, Italy Piedmont, Italy

 Doors Around The World india Peacock Gate at City Palace, Jaipur in India

00b7ad883c1c842f879105f84887d4ef Faro, Portugal

amazing-old-vintage-doors-photography-10Beijing, China.

Moscow, Russia

Toronto, Canada

0196973f262f9645e3af05499585b63c Cartagena, Colombia

Goethe Institute, Prague


Casablanca, Morocco

IMG_4399   Crete, Greece

ea595507d06aa489b3f88278ce2a3457 Chefchaouen, Morocco

beautiful doors
Victoria, BC, Canada

2e8b2e6d1915eaaeb8ca8480afcf1622 Albacete, Spain

8f6401e3aa51431a92425db5bdfc8558 Miami, Florida

New York City, USA

Santorini, Greece

IMG_1495Venice, Italy




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