The Most Popular Posts Of 2014!

Let’s start off with stating the obvious, I CANT BELIEVE 2014 IS OVER! OK but seriously, I really can’t believe it’s really over. At times it went by sooo slowly! I could have gone crazy, especially when waiting for a trip to come. And at the same time, it flew right past me, without me noticing it. 2014 was an overall amazing year for me! I created my life long passion for traveling and art, into a career by creating Vanilla Sky Dreaming. Which continues to inspire myself, and hopefully many others to keep traveling and discover this world.


I’m very excited to see 2015 unfold, as I have so many amazing plans for this upcoming year!
With that being said, let’s get to the good part! The countdown of the most popular posts for this year! All in order from the #1 spot. Have an amazing New Year!


#1  What Really Happens at a Playboy Mansion Party 

Oddly enough the most popular post with the most views, doesn’t really have much to do with traveling, but more about the mystery world of the Playboy Mansion. The post describes in full details what happens from the moment you get invited to the Playboy Mansion, leading up to the party and up until the night is over.

#2  10 Reasons to Travel Solo

In second place, probably one of my favorite post I’ve written, 10 reasons to travel solo. Where I explain why traveling solo, is my favorite way to travel and why everyone needs to do it, at least once in their life.
#3  My Top 5 Dream Hotel Rooms to Stay at

dubai-underwater-hotel-pictures-1080x718Covers some of the most luxurious and expensive hotel rooms in the world.

#4  30 Signs You Were Raised in Los Angeles


There is so much truth and humor behind this post, that will set the rumors straight about people who were raised in Los Angeles. Even if you’re not from LA, but have visited LA, you will find much truth behind it.

#5  21 Things You Should do When Traveling Solo

As many of you know, I love traveling solo. But for those who are newbies at it, this post is perfect for you. As I share my experience and tricks I learned along the road of traveling solo.

#6  Top 15 Festivals Around the World

I am so happy this post made it to the most popular posts list, because it’s also one of my favorite post and has a lot of great items to add on your bucket list.

#7  15 Things About London

Just a fun and simple post about London, on what I discovered on my first visit there.

#8  A Bohemian Affair

A Bohemian affair was a fashion shoot I did, inspired by my gypsy, wanderlust soul on the road.

#9  My Bucket List:

I actually started this bucket list over 10 years ago and kind of added things along the way. It’s definitely not completely updated because I think everyday I come up with at least one thing that needs to be added on there, but I do try to keep it up to date as much as I can.

#10  Top 30 Unique & Unusual Hotels

Again, I’m happy to see this post make it on the list as well because I absolutely LOVE the art and creativity you find along your travels. These hotels will blow you away! While writing and researching this post, I’ve created a MUST visit hotels before I die list.

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